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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 12/12/09 3am-8am

Ghetto Cryz version  (Ghetto Lynx)
Lutan Fyah - Repatriate  (Ghetto Lynx)
Perfect - Ghetto hero  (Ghetto Lynx)
Turbulence - Realize  (Ghetto Lynx)
Maxi Priest - Holla  (London Individual)
Anthony Q - Stay on the right track  (London Individual)
Sizzla - Jah say it's love  (London Individual)
Michael Rose - Tell me  (London Individual)
Last Days version  (Clique Muzique)
Morgan Heritage - Dem a run come  (Clique Musique)
Yami Bolo - Hatred for my love  (Clique Musique)
Capleton - Rise up  (Clique Muzique)
Sizzla - Don't judge  (Clique Muzique)
Luciano - Last Days  Clique Muzique)
Don Carlos & Million Stylez - World Crisis  (Ink A Link)
Earl Sixteen - International roots  (Mungos Hi Fi)
Jah Mason - Continental universal  (Sip A Cup)
Million Voice - Humble 
Pen Pal version  (Music Factory)
Slu - Good grades  (Music Factory)
Torch - Love zone  (Music Factory)
Nyorah - I love the way  (Lustre King)
Lutan Fyah - Rainbow  (Lustre King)
Vision - Look through your window  (N S D)
Ras Berhanie - Ancient day  (N S D)
Luciano - Leave all judgement to Jah  (N S D)
Mojo Morgan - Don't worry  (Flava Squad)
Pressure - Heads of government  (Flava Squad)
Cobra - Warrior  (Flava Squad)
Chrisopolis - Step up in life  (Live Up)
Sizzla - Stronger than before  (Live Up)
Sizzla - Bare war  (Judgement Yard)
I Wayne & Fyah Star - Set already  (Rootical)
Lutan Fyah - Forgiveness  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Thanks & praise  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Family Effort  (Kickoff)
Empress Robertha - Hail the I  (Kick Off)
Jodian Pantry - Pray to the Father  (Kick Off)
Marley I - Cry for the poor  (Kick Off)
Karl Morrison & Timeka Marshall - Choice by choice  (Jukeboxx)
Ra Deal - Wasting no time  (Jukeboxx)
Lutan Fyah - You got me  (Jukeboxx)
Jaqee - Take a train  (Rootdown)
Sophia Squire & Hi Kee - Refugee  (Rootdown)
Ziggi - Love crazy  (Rootdown)
Tony Curtis & Abby Dall - Almond tree  (Truckback)
Sadiki - Lovers flight  (Peckings)
Tarrus Riley - Young heart  (Peckings)
Omar Perry - Spiritually  (Tune In Crew)
Chezidek - When I think of love  (Tune In Crew)
Sizzla - You make my day  (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Ras Mc Bean - Empress divine  (Mael Studio)
Lyricson - Need not to worry  (Mael Studio)
Lutan Fyah - Girl I know  (Mael Studio)
Sugar version - Bost & Maramax  (Special Delivery)
Lyricson - Glad you be mine  (Special Delivery)
Ziggi - Gonna leave you  (Special Delivery)
Peetah Morgan - It's love  (Special Delivery)
Gappy Ranks - The rain  (Special Delivery)
Torch - Good love  (Special Delivery)
DeMarco - It's ok  (Special Delivery)
Million Stylez - Me and you  (Special Delivery)
Etana - Mocking bird  (No Doubt)
Gyptian - Revelations  (No Doubt)
Ziggi - Backbiter  (No Doubt)
Queen Ifrica - Never see the sign  (Penthouse)
Tony Rebel - Chant down Babylon  (Penthouse)
Assassin - Have some mercy  (Penthouse)
Jah Nyne - Take control  (Gold Cup)
Mikey Dread - Roots & culture  (D A T C)
Lorenzo & Chezidek - Mr officer  (Irie Ites/Poor Man)
Ras Adam - Oneness  (One People)
Earl Sixteen - Where the ocean meets the sky  (One People)
Top Rated version  (TADS)
Sizzla - Better know this  (TADS)
Hezron - Why the caged bird sings  (TADS)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy  (TADS)
Morgan Heritage - Have no fear  (Special Delivery)
Richie Spice - All at once  (Special Delivery)
Richie Spice - All at once {Accoustic}  (Special Delivery)
Richie Spice - Don't call me no dog  (Sankofa)
Gyptian - Eyes on the prize  (Sankofa)
Khago - Uphill climb  (Sankofa)
Capleton - Nah tek  (Sankofa)
Capleton - Liberation time  (King Stone)
Gentleman - Moment of truth  (King Stone)
Gentleman - Lift we up deh  (Silly Walks)
Luciano - Protect us Jah  (Silly Walks)
Luciano Old rugged cross  (Kick Off)
Mikey General - Come away  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Jah love  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Discipline  (I Grade)
Queen Omega - Footsteps  (I Grade)
Midnite - Judgement in measurement  (I Grade)
Empress Robertha - Revolution  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Children love  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Watch over we  (Sick Donkey)
Luciano - Jah deliver us  (Rootdown)
Capleton - People need choice  (Rootdown)
Jalanzo - Fyah haffi burn  (Kingston 11)

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