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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don Dread's playlist 1/09/10

January 12, 2010

playlist 1/09/10

TOK - We try (Very Huge)
Lutan Fyah - One life (Very Huge)
Trapical - Powerful (Very Huge)
Konshens - Food (Very Huge)
King David - Be strong & powerful (Signature)
Choppa Chop - Better way out (Signature)
Pad Anthony - All or nothing (Signature)
Edi Fitzroy - World crisis (Signature)
Straight Up Conscious version (M K 2)
Daweh Congo - Straight up conscious (M K 2)
Hitlist - Warring (Kick Off)
Milton Blake & Irie - Where is the love (Kick Off)
Devion Bibles - Babylon (Kick Off)
Tony D - Heartless (Kick Off)
Michael Stone - O Jah (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah & Mega Flex - Haunted (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Family effort (Kick Off)
John Blaze - Mi waan fi know (Kick Off)
I Marley - Cry for the poor (Kick Off)
Jodian Pantry - Pray to the Father (Kick Off)
Jodian Pantry - Struggling
Jah 9 - Keep holding on (Don Corleon)
Columbo - Dem can't (Wavestorm)
Mama Son - Early this morning (Wavestorm)
Mr Lee - Heights up the culture (Wavestorm)
Black Rhyno - Born & raised (Wavestorm)
Vybz Kartel - Hustle in the streets (Wavestorm)
Chezidek - Long spoon (Wavestorm)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed (Wavestorm)
Hero - None at all (Wavestorm)
Jah Defender - Stop it now (Red Dice)
Kings of Origin - Human traffic (Red Dice)
Napthali - Can't stop (Red Dice)
Etana - August town (Neccessary Mayhem)
Gregory Issacs & Blackout J A - Inner city lady (Neccessary Mayhem)
Etana - Heartbroken (Neccessary Mayhem)
Delroy Wilson - Worth your weight in gold (Neccessary Mayhem)
Demarco - It's ok (Special Delivery)
Peetah Morgan - It's love (Special Delivery)
Lyricson - Glad you be mine (Special Delivery)
Million Stylez - Me & you (Special Delivery)
Lutan Fyah - You got me (Jukeboxx)
Busy Signal - Never knew (Jukeboxx)
Wayne Wonder - What I want (Hype)
Christopher Martin - Ring the alarm (Hype)
Konshens - Do it back (Hype)
Konshens - Rasta imposter (Young Veterans)
Cutty Corn - My life (Young Veterans)
Jah Mason - Make up your mind (Young Veterans)
Norrisman - Free them (Young Veterans)
I Octane - This is real (Head Concussion)
Gyptian - Better days (Head Concussion)
Vybz Kartel - Marie (Head Concussion)
Konshens & Delus - Chalice load (Head Concussion)
Bomb Drop version - Russian (Head Concussion)
Mark Wonder - Long road (Now Time)
Devano - None a Jah Jah children (Now Time)
Jr Kelly - Jah Children (Now Time)
Jr Kelly - Lots of herbs (Now Time)
Chezidek - Herbsman rise again (Now Time)
Pressure - Fire keep blazin (Lustre King)
Lutan Fyah - Slow to anger (Lustre King)
Empress Cherisse - Your heart is burst (Lustre King)
Proverbs version - Nick Fantastic & Digital Ancient (Lustre King)
Jah Dan Blakkamore - Proverbs (Lustre King)
Mark Wonder - Sad story (Lustre King)
Ras Pilot - Chase dem (Cut Thyme)
King Soloman - Things that we do (Cut Thyme)
Zebulon - Knock knock (Cut Thyme)
Laden & Stephen Mc Gregor - We remember (Big Ship)
Stephen Mc Gregor - Cyan friend again (Big Ship)
Nesbeth - A nus suh me waan live (Arrows)
Tarrus Riley - Jah nah sleep (Don Corleon)
Jah Vinci - Amazing grace (Milla 9)
Jah Vinci - I got sunshine (Not Nice/Adidjaheim)
Vybz Kartel - U can't say (Not Nice/Adidjaheim)
Vybz Kartel - Yeah though I walk (Not Nice/Adidjaheim)
Prison Break version (Bassrunner)
Hi Kee - Fire blaze (Bassrunner)
Joggo - Now a days (Bassrunner)
Million Stylez - Born in the system (Bassrunner)
Mojo Morgan - Fallen angels (Bassrunner)
Bascome X - Crime rate (Weedy G)
Anthony B - Pressure (Weedy G)
Donavan Levy - Ghetto livity (Weedy G)
Gentleman & Million Stylez - Help is on the way (Pow Pow)
Danglin - Heavenly Father (Pow Pow)
Rebellion - Armagideon (Pow Pow)
Raymond Wright - Wire fence (Pow Pow)
Cali P - Nothing is impossible (Pow Pow)
Turbulence - Time to rise (Pow Pow)
Junior X - Surfer (Pow Pow)
Surfer version (Pow Pow)
Cobra - Warrior (Flava Squad)
Mojo Morgan - Don't worry (Flava Squad)
Gyptian - Say a prayer (Flava Squad)
Anthony B - Broken dreams (Flava Squad)
Pressure - Heads of government (Flava Squad)
Khago - From the slum (Flava Squad)
Capleton - Some day (Flava Squad)
Basque Dub Foundation - Midnight organ - Tonight version (Heartical)
Michael Rose - Hypocrites warning (Heartical)
Kojak - Freedom fighter (Heartical)
David Hinds - Positivity (Heartical)
Anthony Johnson - Tribulation (Heartical)
Shabba Ranks w/ Keith & Tex - Stop that train (Soulforce)
Skarra Mucci w/ Keith & Tex - Gimme the luv (Soulforce)
Frontline version - Jil & Stuff (Addis)
Mark Wonder - Misconception (Addis)
Chezidek - Thanks & praise (Addis)
Chezidek - Uprising (World A Muzik)
Vivian Jones - Pedophile (World A Muzik)
Ginjah - Jah Jah watch over me (No Doubt)
Duane Stephenson - Nature boy (No Doubt)

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