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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Selectah Niko's playlist 11/13/10 2-5PM

A Tribute to Sonia Pottinger: Rest In Peace

The Ethipoians-The Whip==> Sonia Pottinger
The Melodians-Swing & Dine
The Melodians-Expo 67

Culture-They Never Love in this Time
Culture-Stop the Fussing & Fighting

Culture-Rally Round Jahovia's Throne
Culture-Too Long in Slavery
Michael Palmer-I'm Still Dancing==> Midnight Rock (Jah Thomas) 12" single
The Steppers-What You Gonna Do==> Mandingo
Ranking Joe-The Hotter Claps Clap Them==> Mandingo
The Wailing Soul Ft Ranking Trevor-War==>Channel One 12" single
Barry Brown-Far East==> Channel One 12" single
Triston Palmer-Entertaiment==> Midnight Rock
Jah Thomas/Toyan-Two Bad Dj's Haffi Talk==> Midnight Rock
Michael Palmer-Ghetto Dance==> Midnight Rock
Jim Brown-Ghetto Dance Part 2==> Midnight Rock
Tony Tuff-Love Light Shinin'==> Channel One
Sugar Minott-Babylon==> Channel One
Ranking Trevor-Give Thanks & Praise
Lone Ranger-M16==> Channel One

Cornell Campbell-Rope In==> Joe Gibbs
Super Cat-Ital Stew==> Jammy's

Lutan Fyah-Take A Lick==> Irie Ites (Take A Tick)
Lorenzo-Movin Ahead (Take A Lick)
Chezidek-Same Thing (Take A Lick)

Pressure-World is in Trouble==> No Doubt Rec (Prod.Flava) (Dance Drop)
Anthony B-Change (Dance Drop)
Turbulence-Gun (Dance Drop)
Sizzla-Blessing Us (Dance Drop)
Lutan Fyah-The System (Dance Drop)

Capleton-Acres==> JukeBoxx (Indiscretion)
Kymani Marley-New Heights==> Don Corleon
J.O.E.-Herbman Hustlin==> Equinoxx

Fantan Mojah-Bust the Chain==> Itation Rec (Clearly)
Kharri Kill-Chant Rain Showers (Clearly)
Nahswitch-Highest Set Of Weed (Clearly)
Pressure-Be What You Want To Be (Clearly)
Kali Blaxx-Nuh Trust Them (Clearly)
Kali Blaxx-Backyard==> Itation Rec (Ifficial)
Pressure-Watch Over My Soul (Ifficial)
Teflon-Know Your Own (Ifficial)
Monsoon-Jah (Ifficial)
Anthony B-Outta Road (Ifficial)

Lady G-Jah Above All Things==> Tad's from 'G-Rated'
Lady G-Last Time==> Tad's from 'G-Rated'
Natty King-Police==> Tad's from 'Troddin'
Natty King-Weh Dem Love Gone==> Tad's from 'Troddin''
Buju Banton-Battered & Bruised==> Gargamel from 'Before The Dawn'
Buju Banton-Rasta Can't Go==> Gargamel from 'Before The Dawn'

Gappy Ranks-Put The Stereo On==> Peckings from 'Put the Stereo On'
Courtney John-Love Is==> Joe Fraser
Norris Man-Show My People==> Breadback (9 to 5)
Delly Ranks-9 to 5 (9 to 5)
Zj Liquid-Hold A Vibes (9 to 5)
Tarrus Riley-Wildfire==> Don Corleon (Major)
J Boog-Let's Do It Again (Major)

Turbulence-The Slum==> Pology Productions (Meditation Groove)

Tropikal-Great Blacks (Meditation Groove)

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