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Friday, February 11, 2011

DON DREADS Playlist 2/5/11

Captian version  (Yard Vybz)
Wayne Marshall - Captian  (Yard Vybz)
Sizzla - Murder star  (Yard Vybz)
Jah Cure - Feel it  (Yard Vybz)
Anthony Q - Ease up the pressure  (149 Records)
CKLM - Unity I  (149 Records)
I Octane - Table turn  (Dj Frass)
Khago - Snake  (Dj Frass)
Sanchez - Fed up  (Drop Di  Bass)
Kali Blaxx & Siren - Di vibe  (Drop Di Bass)
Ziggi & Mr Mojo - Next generation  (Special Delivery)
Konshens - Crossfire  (Special Delivery)
Beres Hammond - Singer man  (Flava Mc Gregor)
Cocoa Tea - Keep it real  (J Rod)
Capleton - Get Real  (J Rod)
Million Stylez & Jr Byles - Fade away  (KBC Music)
Million Stylez - Move from on ya  (Gideon Prod)
Cookie the Herbalist & Jah Mason - Like a tree  (Gideon Prod)
Joggo - Beware  (Soundquake)
Jah Coustix & Gentleman - Humanity  (Kingstone)
Makial X & Peetah Morgan - We know why  (Silly Walks)
I Octane - One love  (Sun Cycle)
Jah Cure, Rick Ross, & Movado - Like I see it  (So Be)
Sizzla - Police oppression  (Irie Ites)
Sizzla -Sexy train  (Irie Ites)
Elephant Man - Beatle juice  (Irie Ites)
Richie Spice - Got to make it  (Don Corleon)
Jah Vinci - Wicked heart  (Don Corleon)
Vybz Kartel - Poor people land  (Don Corleon)
Luciano - Gunman  (Sting Ray)
George Nooks - Run run  (Sting Ray)
Jah Cure - Don't let them cry  (Sankofa)
Sizzla - Herbs  (Sankofa)
Perfect - My herbs  (Pow Pow)
Bascenta - Health & strength  (Pow Pow)
Gentleman - Everlasting  (Pow Pow)
Lutan Fyah - The most high  (Jah Snowcone)
Turbulence - We remain  (Oneness)
Raymond Wright & President Brown - Backstabber  (Oneness)
Ray Darwin - New York minute   (Joe Frasier)
George Nooks - Its crazy  (Joe Frasier)
Everton Blender - Ali ali ho  (Joe Frasier)
Roger Robin - Justice  (Joe Frasier)
Courtney John - Love is  (Joe Frasier)
Ginjah - Reggae can't done  (Chiney K)
Gyptian & Powerman - People a dead  (Chiney K)
Pressure - Watch over my soul  (Itation Records)
Kali Blaxx - Backyard  (Itation Records)
Zamunda - Praise Rastafari  (Jah Solid Rock)
Chezidek - Walk with Jah  (Not Easy At All)
Omar Perry - Father of creation  (Lockdown)
Nerius Joseph - Got to live up  (Lockdown)
Pressure - Fyah burn  (Own Mission)
Khago - Not a man of many words  (Flava Squad)
Robert Ffrench - Home sweet home  (Swallowbird)
Soul selctection version -  (Oneness)
Capleton - Truly blessed  (Oneness)
Mark Wonder & Natural Black - Day by day  (Oneness)
Mark Wonder & Capleton - Where do we go  (ALTAFAAN)
Jr Kelly - Burn my trees  (Fireball)
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Herbs of a lifetime  (Fireball)
Konshens - No more tears  (Maximum Sound)
Taurus Riley - Poverty ina fashion  (Maximum Sound)
Lutan Fyah - Sanctify yourself  (Maximum Sound)
I Octane - False pretender  (Maximum Sound)
Tarrus Riley - Who's responsible  (Cash Flow)
Wayne Marshall - Telepathic  (Cash Flow)
J Boog - One man woman  (South Pac Group)
Lukie D - True love  (Flava Mc Gregor)
Tony C - Best friend girl  (Flava Mc Gregor)
Cutty Corn - Dreaming  (Young Veterans)
Spanner Banner - Best of life  (Young Veterans)
Million Stylez - Summertime  (Macrobeats)
Konshens & Brusco - She wants me  (Macrobeats)
Munga - Nah sell mi soul  (Arrows)
Ancient Monarchy - Revelation  (Arrows)
Monsoon - About pain  (House Of Riddim)
Natty King - Don't be foolish  (House Of Riddim)

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