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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DJ Realm April 14th 2012 Playlist

DJ Realm
89.3 FM &
Saturdays 11-2pm EST

Lymie Murray-4 Walls(Police & Thieves Riddim, Roaring River rec)
Louie Culture-No problems(Roaring River rec)
Jah Victory-It ain't easy(Roaring River rec)
Lutan Fyah-Johnny jus come(Roaring River rec)
Lutan Fyah-Hard man fi dead(New Day album, DeJaVu rec/DBeatzz)
Lutan Fyah-New day(New Day album, DeJaVu rec/DBeatzz)
Hezron-Can't come beween(Heart & Soul Riddim, Notice Prod)
Etana-Wifey(Notice Prod)
Busy Signal-Missing you(Notice Prod)
Chuck Fender-Warning(Notice Prod)
Iba Mahr-Burning(Notice Prod)
Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal-World prayer(Notice Prod)
Jermaine Michael & Etana-7 days(Stashment Prod)
Kymani Marley-My heart cries(Penthouse)***Madd!!!***
Kymani Marley & Tessanne Chin-The conversation(Conversation Riddim, Cyclone/JVibe)
Vivian Green-Save me(Cyclone/JVibe)
Singing U & Marlon B-Free(Cyclone/JVibe)
Ricardo Clarke-Used to be(Cyclone/JVibe)
G Cole-When I(Cyclone/JVibe)
G Cole-Make up(Liquid Rain Drops Riddim, Cyclone)
G Cole-Make up Dub***Big up Cyclone Ent & G Cole***
Sophia Brown & Hezron-Relationship(Music Mecka)
Tarrus Riley-Dream woman(Chill Spot Riddim, Chimney)
MasSicker-Slow down(Viral Sounds/Chimney)
Chris Martin-Chill Spot(Chimney)
Cecile-Dem yah time(Chimney)
I-Octane-Keep me up(Chimney)
Zagga-Remember the days(Chimney)
Hero-Rockin Ska(Rockin Riddim, GT Musik)***Riddim Maddd!!!***
George Nooks-Sweet Sweet Jamaica(GT Musik)
Bobby Hustle-Inna life(GT Musik)
PZed-Just help(GT Musik)
Kali Blaxx-Friend like those(GT Musik)
Mikeylous-Never fail(GT Musik)
Kranium-Hear my cry(GT Musik)
Lutan Fyah-Romp & Play(GT Musik)
X-Ale-Put it on sweet(GT Musik)
Khago-She's in love(GT Musik)
Sophia Squire-Rock & Come Een(Rock & Come Een Riddim, Dalton Leith)
I-Octane-Baby don't leave(Dalton Leith)
Stevie Face-For you(Dalton Leith)
Busy Signal-Stop show off(Dalton Leith)
Torch-Word, Sound, Power(Dalton Leith)
Romain Virgo-Mama sey(Dalton Leith)
Kevin Lloyd-Oh mama(Radio Ready)
Nesbeth-Taking over(AZA Yaad Music)
Tarrus Riley-We run it(Jamaica)(Movin' Feva Riddim, Charlie Pro)
Bushman-Always on my mind(Charlie Pro)
Busy Signal-Whinin' feva(Charlie Pro)
Konshens-Gal a Bubble(Subkonshus)
Denyque-All about us(1st Quarters Riddim, Klicious)***Sick!!!***Big up Tony CD Kelly***
Notch-Na Na(Klicious)
Shaggy & Shaki-Anything(Klicious)
Degree-Hold on(Klicious)
Beenie Man & Malica-Reminisce(Klicious)
Fambo-Roll out(Klicious)
Cham-Wine(School Bag Riddim, Cash Flow)
Denno-Cyaah lock mi out(Cash Flow)
Cham-Backway(Backway Riddim, Madhouse/Cash Flow)
Bounty Killer & Cecile-Ride(Madhouse/Cash Flow)
Cham feat O-Tun up(Tun Up Tun Up Riddim, First Name)
Spice-Body great(First Name)
Agent Sasco-Hot(First Name)
Potential Kid-A yuh so nice(Natural Enterprise)
Liquid & Cecile-Give you some(TNS Riddim, ZJ Chrome)***Tuff, Tuff Riddim!!!***
I-Octane-Loving from me(ZJ Chrome)
Spice & Elephant Man-Crosses(ZJ Chrome)
Popcaan-She a gwaan good(ZJ Chrome)
Chan Dizzy-Anywhere me want(ZJ Chrome)
Di Genius-Never scared(ZJ Chrome)
Mavado-All faces(ZJ Chrome)
Loyal Flames-Mr Death(Vikings)***Big up Omar Brown & Di Whole Vikings Camp!!!***
Romain Virgo-System(Vikings)

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  1. yo... REALM to the FLIPPIN WORLD mi sey!!!!!! Look at the SUPPORT!!! Lutan Fyah, PZed, Little Hero, Hezron... boom bang bing bomb booz!!!! UPS no downs.