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Saturday, September 29, 2012

DJ Realm September 15, 2012 Playlist

DJ Realm
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Saturdays 11-2pm EST

Shuga-Freedom(Freedom Fire Riddim, Independent Works)
RC-Words of the people(Independent Works)
Torch-Blazing(Independent Works)
Exco Levi-Love yourself(Independent Works)
Busy Signal-Nah follow dem(Independent Works)
Busy Signal-Fireball(Good Things Riddim, Kirkledove)
Jack Radics & Stevie Face-Paper Soldier(Kirledove)
Romain Virgo-Think mi weak(Kikledove)
Sophia Squire-Rock & Come Een(Rock & Come Een Riddim, Dalton Leith)
I-Octane-Baby don't leave(Dalton Leith)
Busy Signal-Stop show off(Dalton Leith)
Torch-Word, Sound, Power(Dalton Leith)
Eljai-Fire Blaze(Dalton Leith/Jah Mix Ent)
Exco Levi-Leave mi herbs(Dalton Leith)
Soul Indi, Micah Shemaiah, Seleh, Marva G, & Kabaka Pyramid-Sensimenia(JOE Movement)
Micah Shemaiah & Chronixx-Ganja Farmer(Flow Factory & Zinc Fence)
PZed & Charly Black-Let it burn(Accusation Riddim, Drop di Bass)
Rasta Life-Feel the music(Drop di Bass)
Teflon-Gangwar(Drop di Bass)
Kali Blaxx-Try again(Drop di Bass)
Little Hero & Nino Brown-Dash dem out(Drop di Bass)
X-Ale-Accusation(Drop di Bass)
Sophia Squire-Gimmie your love(**Nuff respect to Sophia Squire***)
D Major-Quality time(Sweet Ride Riddim, Penthouse)
Timeka Marshall-Stealing feeling(Penthouse)
Shuga-Bedroom Punisher(Penthouse)
RC-All night(Penthouse)
Exco Levi-God is my witness(Penthouse)
Assassin-Person of Interest(Penthouse)
Anthony B-Too hard(Irie Vibration/Born Fire Music)
Dway-Cool out son(Dynasty)
Nature-World Peace(Downsound)
PZed & Little Hero-Truth forgotten(Mixing Lounge)
Snoop Lion & Jovi Rockwell-La La La(Major Laser Prod)
King-I-Rastafari loves us(Reggae Reflection)
Gappy Ranks-Faith in Jah(Stingray)
Iba Mahr-Great is HIM(Rootsman Riddim, Overstanding Prod)
Jesse Royal-Modern day Judas(Overstanding Prod)
Eljai-Frenemy(Jah Mix Ent)
Junior X-Mind games(Splicerr Ras)
Jabalance-Comin from tha farm(Ital Rec)
Tidal-Tell dem fi farm(Focus Riddim, Vikings Prod)
RC-Holding firm(Vikings Prod)
Loyal Flames-Keep focus(Vikings Prod)
Exco Levi-Save the music(Vikings Prod)
Jesse Royal-Hotter the battle(Six String Cutlass Riddim, XTM Nation)
Mikey General-Something haffi gwaan(XTM Nation)
Kayla Bliss-Tears of a soldier(XTM Nation)
Lukie D-Are you going my way(Shank I Tun Up Riddim, Fat Eyes)
Noddy Virtue-Body calling(Fat Eyes)
Lutan Fyah-Love is a smile(Fat Eyes)
Chuck Fenda-Nuh romp wid me food(Fat Eyes)
Junior X & Pzed-Spot Check(Sticky Riddim, Whatage Prod)
Hezron-Those Days(Whatage Prod)
Kevin Lloyd & Serani-Hustle(Blackout)
Loyal Flames-In this time(Vikings Prod)
Jesse Royal-This morning(Crash Dummy Prod)
Tony Rebel-The next 50(Penthouse)
Voices of Sweet Jamaica-Sweet Jamaica(MV Music)
Chino-LSL(Di Genius)

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