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Monday, October 7, 2013

Selectah Niko Saturdays 2-5PM EST June 22 2013

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Interview with Kumar Bent of RAGING FYAH

Bob Marley & The Wailers-Buffalo Soldier==> Tuff Gong/Island
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Coming In From The Cold==> Tuff Gong/Island

Raging Fyah-Judgement Day==> Raging Fyah Productions from 'Judgement Day'  2011
Raging Fyah-Music Isn't Biased==> Raging Fyah Productions from 'Judgement Day'  2011
Raging Fyah-First Love==> Raging Fyah Productions from 'Judgement Day'  2011
Raging Fyah-Naah Look Back==> Raging Fyah Productions from 'Judgement Day'  2011
Raging Fyah-Irie Vibe==> Raging Fyah Productions from 'Judgement Day'  2011

Torch-Columbus==> Triple L Records
Torch-Special Attention==> Penthouse Records
Torch-Good Reggae Music==> Silly Walks Discotheque (Honey Pot Riddim)
Kabaka Pyramid & Exco Levi-Strive (Honey Pot)
Daville-One In A Million (Honey Pot)
Chronixx-Smile Jamaica (Honey Pot)
Jah 9-Brothers (Honey Pot)
RC-Why Should I (Honey Pot)
RC-Mama (Suffering Too Long)==> Future World

RC-Never Let Them Lead You Astray==> Penthouse Records (Street Of Gold Riddim)
Sherieta-The Reason (Street Of Gold)
Shuga-My Soul To Jah (Street Of Gold)
Duane Stephenson-Rasta For I (Street Of Gold)
Exco Levi-Lock The Charts (Street Of Gold)
D Major-Real Know Real (Street Of Gold)
Chronixx-Champion==> ZJ Heno (Passionate Riddim)
Freeman-Watch Over Me (Passionate)
Sophia Squire-When It Ago End (Passionate)
Kelissa-Best Love (Passionate)

Tony Anthony-Ecstasy==> Flava McGregor Records (80's Rock Riddim)
Adele Harley-Feel So High (80's Rock)
Gappy Ranks-Hello (80's Rock)
Anthony Que-Rastaman House==> Reggaeland (High On Love Riddim)
Droop Lion-Poor People Are Suffering (High On Love)
Singer Jah-Help 4 Di Youths (High On Love)
Chezedek-Hail Up The Roots==> Jah Solid Rock Music from 'The Order Of Malchezedik' 2013
Sizzla-Good Love==> FireHouse Crew/VP from 'The Messiah' 
Sizzla-Psalm 121==> FireHouse Crew/VP from 'The Messiah' 
Sizzla ft Conradine Campbell-What Am I To Do==> FireHouse Crew/Greensleves from 'Ghetto Youthology' 2011
Sizzla-Hey Youths==> FireHouse Crew/Greensleves from 'Ghetto Youthology' 2011
Alborosie-Woman I Need You==> First Name Music (Selection Riddim)
Chronixx-Plant It==> Special Delivery

Jah Be-Wish Good Fi Dem==> World Hits Records (Kings Of Reggae Riddim)
Little Twich-The System (Kings Of Reggae)
Natty King & Nahswitch-Jah Protect Me (Kings Of Reggae)
Natty King-Nah Get Brainwash==> Megga Force (Africa First Riddim)
Arofat-Burn Dem (Africa First)
Naptali-Praise He Jah (Africa First)
Andrew Bees-Better Must Come==> Mightyful 13
Andrew Bees-Cool Operator==> Mightyful 13 (Operator 2013 Riddim Velocity)
Tabeta Cshae-If You Don't Wake Up (Operator 2013 Riddim Velocity)
Hero-Come Awf Ah Wi Name (Operator 2013 Riddim Velocity)

Cornell Campbell-Gun Powder==> Zion I Kings from 'New Scroll' 2013
Mighty Mystic-Concrete World==> Split 2nd Ent

Indecka-Running From The Law!/NikoOneDrop

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