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Friday, December 20, 2013

Selectah Niko Saturdays 2-5PM EST Sept 28 2013

89.3FM &

Ken Boothe-Valley of Peace==> Volcano
Jacob Miller-Who Says Jah No Dread==> Augustus Pablo
Jacob Miller-Keep On Knocking==> Augustus Pablo
Jacob Miller-Hungry Town Skank==> Augustus Pablo
Jacob Miller-False Rasta==> Augustus Pablo
Jacob Miller-Baby I Love You So==> Augustus Pablo

Freeman-Watch Over Me==> ZJ Heno (Passionate Riddim)
Chronixx-Champion (Passionate)
Sophia Squire-When It Ago End (Passionate)
Romain Virgo-Don't You Remember==> Penthouse Records from 'The System' 2012
RC-Never Let Them Lead You Astray==> Penthouse Records (Street Of Gold Riddim)
D Major-Real Know Real (Street Of Gold)

Jah 9-Steamers A Bubble==> Shambala
Jesse Royal-Wadada==> The Wizard
Chronixx-Start A Fyah==> Zinc Fence/Jungle Josh
Chronixx-Here Comes Trouble==> Overstand (Rootsman Riddim)
Iba Mahr-Great Is HIM (Rootsman)
Iba Mahr-Burn Out Bridges & Barriers==> DJFrass (Diamonds & Gold Riddim)
Queen Ifrica-Corrupt System (Diamonds & Gold)

Tessanne Chin ft Bambino-You Got What I Need==> Bambino/JusBus (Gyal Season Riddim)
Tanya Stephens-If You Knew (Gyal Season)
Sophia Squire-Gimmi Your Love (Gyal Season)
Etana ft Busy Signal-Love Love Love (Gyal Season)
Busy Signal-Girls Tonight (Gyal Season)
Delly Ranx-Gimmi Di Ting==> Larger Than Life Records (Broke Life Riddim)
Exco Levi-No More War (Broke Life)
Gappy Ranks-Sell Out (Broke Life)

Adena Myrie-Love Is Overdue==> Machete Records (Overdue Riddim)
Ginjah-Give Jah Thanks (Overdue)
Zamunda-Rush To Me (Overdue)
Lutan Fyah-On Your Way Up (Overdue)
Chezidek-Hail Up The Roots==> Jah Solid Rock Music from 'The Order Of Malchezedik' 2013
The Melodians-Go Before Us Jah==> Heavybeat Records (Wall Street Riddim)
Al Campbell-Laugh After Dem (Wall Street)
Screwdriver-Harsh Reality (Wall Street)
Glen Washington-Put Away Your Guns==> Heavybeat Records (Just Say When Riddim)
Nikesha Lindo-Nice & Easy (Just Say When)
Ambelique-Goodnight My Love (Just Say When)
Lloyd Brown-Blessed Love (Just Say When)
Beres Hammond-No Love Like Your Love (Just Say When)

Beres Hammond-Keeping It Real==> Heavybeat Records (Hammer Riddim)
Kashief Lindo-Small Change (Hammer)
Oneil Peart-Take Me You In Your Arms (Hammer)
Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal-Hello Carol==> Fireball Records (Hello Carol Riddim)
Lukie D-Rastaman A Call U (Hello Carol)
Lion D-No Bleaching Cream==> Bizzarri Records from 'Bring Back The Vibes' 2013
Lion D- As One==> Bizzarri Records from 'Bring Back The Vibes' 2013
Marcia Griffiths & Gentleman-Desperate Lover==> VP Records
Marcia Griffiths & Sanchez-Dearest==> VP Records

Natty King-Nah Get Brainwash==> Meggaforce (Africa First Riddim)
Arofat-Burn Dem (Africa First)
Naptali-Praise He Jah (Africa First)
Torch-Good Reggae Music==> Silly Walks Discotheque (Honey Pot Riddim)
RC-Why Should I (Honey Pot)
Jah 9-Brothers (Honey Pot)
Ginjah-Sweet Killer (Honey Pot)
Chronixx-Smile Jamaica (Honey Pot)

Chantelle Ernandez-Sweet Spanish Man==> Reggaeland Productions from 'Gimme What's Mine' 2012
Chantelle Ernandez-Take Dem Down==> Reggaeland Productions from 'No Fear No Man' 2012
Anthony Que-Beautiful Mother Nature==> Reggaeland Productions from 'Gimme What's Mine' 2012
Singer Jah-Try And Do Good==> Reggaeland Productions from 'Warrior Of Jah Army' 2012
Singer Jah-Help 4 Di Youths==> Reggaeland Productions (High On Love Riddim)

Mighty Mystic-Revolution==> Split2nd Ent!/NikoOneDrop

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