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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Selectah Niko BEST OF 2013--Saturdays 2-5PM EST

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2013: Year in Review

Year in Memorium:
Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
Junior Murvin 1949-2013
Kenneth Hookim 1947-2013
Cedric 'Im' Brooks 1943-2013

Artist of 2013:

Artist on the Rise 2014:
Raging Fyah

Top 10 Reggae Albums 2013
1. Jah 9 'New Name' Rory Stone Love
2. Sizzla 'The Messiah' VP Records
3. Chezidek 'The Order Of Malchezedik' Jah Solid Rock Music
4. Richie Stephens 'Real Reggae Music' Pot Of Gold
5. Shaggy 'Out Of Many One Music' Sly & Robbie
6. Freddie McGregor 'Di Captain' VP Records
7. Etana 'Better Tomorrow' VP Records
8. Marcia Griffiths 'Marcia & Friends' VP Records
9. Lion D 'Bring Back The Vibes' Bizzarri Records
10. Protoje '8 Year Affair'  Don Corleon
11. Alborosie 'Sound The System'  Greensleeves

Top 40 Reggae Tunes 2013
1. Chronixx-Smile Jamaica==> Silly Walks Discotheque
2. Singer Jah-Help 4 Di Youths==> Reggaeland Productions
3. Torch-Good Reggae Music==> Silly Walks Discotheque
4. Tony Anthony-Ecstasy==> Flava McGregor Records
5. Little Hero-Come Af Ah Wi Name==> Mightyful 13
6. Naptali-Praise He Jah==> Megga Force
7. D Major-Real Know Real==> Penthouse Records
8. Iba Mahr-Great Is HIM==> Overstand
9. RC-Never Let Them Lead You Astray==> Penthouse Records
10. Chronixx-Here Comes Trouble==> Overstand
11. Adena Myrie-Love Is Overdue==> Machete Records
12. Chronixx-Champion==> ZJ Heno
13. Raging Fyah-Naah Look Back==> Raging Fyah Productions
14. Jesse Royal-Greedy Babylon==> XTM Nation
15. Chantelle Ernandez-Take Dem Down==> Reggaeland Productions
16. Chevaughn-Sing With Me==> Natures Way Entertainment
17. Gappy Ranks-Sell Out==> Larger Than Life Records
18. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal-Hello Carol==> Fireball Records
19. Tarrus Riley & Kabaka Pyramid-Fly Di Gate==> Israel Records
20. Chezidek-Hail Up The Roots==> Jah Solid Rock Music
21. Raging Fyah-Irie Vibe==> Raging Fyah Production
22. The Melodians-Go Before Us Jah==> Heavybeat Records
23. Chantelle Ernandez-Sweet Spanish Man==> Reggaeland Productions
24. Chronixx-Plant It==> Special Delivery
25. Iba Mahr-Burn Out Bridges And Barriers==> DJ Frass
26. Etana ft Busy Signal-Love Love Love==> Bambino Music
27. Alaine-Jahovah==> Troyton Music
28. Jah 9-New Name==> Rory Stone Love
29. Beres Hammond-No Love Like Your Love==> Heavybeat Records
30. Torch-Columbus==> Triple L Records
31. Mighty Mystic-Concrete World==> Split 2nd Entertainment
32. Jah Cure-That Girl==> Iyah Cure Music
33. Beres Hammond & Shaggy-Fight This Feeling==> Ranch Entertainment
34. Marcia Griffiths ft Gentleman-Desperate Lover==> VP Records
35. Lion D-No Bleaching Cream==> Bizzarri Records
36. Niyorah-War Is Not The Answer==> Zion I Kings
37. George Dekker-Can't Give Up==> Stingray Records
38. Protoje-Kingston Be Wise==> Don Corleon
39. Morgan Heritage-Perfect Love Song==> VP Records
40. Jah 9-Steamers A Bubble==> Shambala!/NikoOneDrop

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