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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 10/10/09 3am - 8am

Columbian Drop version  (Lifetime)
Mr Easy - Fall on my knees  (Lifetime)
Duane Stephenson - Backyard  (Lifetime)
Natural Black - Freedom at last  (Lifetime)
Busy Signal - Dem mad  (Lifetime)
Vibes Machine - Free up the children  (N S D)
Luciano - Leave all judgement to Jah  (N S D)
Praise Jahoviah version - Frenchie  (Maximum Sound)
Tenor Saw - Who's gonna help me praise  (Blue Mountain)
Fantan Mojah & Zareb - Meditation  (Maximum Sound)
Busy Signal - Uniform bad boy  (Maximum Sound)
Anthony B - All we have  (Maximum Sound)
Lukie D - Send dem come  (Maximum Sound)
Mr Vegas & Konshens - Help me praise Jahoviah  (Maximum Sound)
Jahson Ites - Standing Firm  (Sick Donkey)
Half Pint & Ishi Dube - Show it  (Sick Donkey)
Chezidek - Music is love  (Sick Donkey)
Rocker T - Harvest time  (Sick Donkey)
Elanie "Lil Bit" Shepherd - Judge not  (Sick Donkey)
Ras Attitude - Fret not yourself  (Sick Donkey)
Jah Sun & Norrisman - All for yourself  (Sick Donkey)
Lutan Fyah - Watch over me  (Sick Donkey)
Natural Black, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence - Move out  (Lustre King)
Midnite - Dew  (Lustre King)
Noble Society -  Mama so divine  (Lustre King)
Chrisopolis - Gun war  (3 D 1 ENT)
Jah Mali - Who goes there  (3 D 1 Ent)
Lutan Fyah - Nah mix  (3 D 1 Ent)
Gold Rush version - Phillip Linton  (Arrows)
I Octane - No conscience  (Arrows)
Denyque - Can't breathe  (Arrows)
Peetah Morgan - It's love  (Special Delivery)
Million Stylez - Me & you  (Special Delivery)
Lyricson - Glad you're mine  (Special Delivery)
Demarco - It's ok  (Special Delivery)
Ziggi - Gonna leave you  (Special Delivery)
Oba Simba - The herb  (Special Delivery)
Anthony B - Good life  (Live Up)
Jah Cure - Protect you like a soldier  (Live Up)
Sizzla - Stronga  (Live Up)
Capleton - Know them  (Live Up)
Mark Wonder & Capleton - Where do we go  (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder & Lutan Fyah - Still deh deh  (ALTAFAAN)
Lutan Fyah - Wreckage  (Silly Walks)
Louie Culture - Concrete jungle rock  (Silly Walks)
Junior King - Moving out a Babylon  (Silly Walks)
Luciano - Protect I Jah  (Silly Walks)
Gentleman - Lift we up deh  (Silly Walks)
Sizzla & Perfect - Absolute blessings  (Tiger)
Tarrus Riley, Lady G, Barbee, Duane Stephenson - Paradise redemption  (Cannon)
Jah Nyne - Live up right 
Jah Nyne - Troddin on
Jah Tari - Hard to say
Avaran - Send another Moses
One People version  (One People)
Ras Zacharri - Rise my people  (One People)
Earl Sixteen - Ocean meets the skies  (One People)
Gentleman - Moment of truth  (Kingstone)
Cecile - Friend  (Kingstone)
Morgan Heritage - Rampage  (Kingstone)
Michael Rose & Kenna T - Jolly pop
Top Rated version  (TADS)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy  (TADS)
Fyakin - Break free  (TADS)
Tony Rebel - When Jah ready  (TADS)
Sizzla - Better know this  (TADS)
Queen Ifrica - 9 out of 10  (TADS)
Courtney John - What it's like  (TADS)
LUST - Stronger  (TADS)
Culture Weed Him version  (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah  (Metastone)
Anthony John - Jah bless his people  (Metastone)
Askala Selassie - Stop fussing & fighting  (Metastone)
Omar Perry - I'm a rebel  (Metastone)
Lutan Fyah - Energize me  (Metastone)
Focus version  (Raw Moon)
Lutan Fyah - Bugu yagga  (Raw Moon)
Ras Murdoch - Zion waits  (Raw Moon)
Cherry Rock - Realms of life  (Raw Moon)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Struggle  (Raw Moon)
Gyptian - Say a prayer  (Flava Squad)
Gappy Ranks - So God bless (Ucayja)
Tarrus Riley - Jah nuh sleep  (Don Corleone)
In Touch version  (Wheela Music)
Konshens - Medi  (Wheela Music)
Ginjah - Nah give up  (Wheela Music)
Lutan Fyah - African queen  (Wheela Music)
Lutan Fyah - Oil in my lamp  (Sing Ray)
LUST - Real friends  (Sing Ray)
Sweet C - One step ahead  (Katylis)
I Marley - Giving you my love  (House of Hits)
Luciano - For you  (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - This little voice  (House of Hits)
Queen Ifrica - Love is the only solution  (Itation)
Teflon - Know Jah  (Itation)
Sizzla - Buss out the youths  (Itation)
Higher Meditation version  (Itation)
Freddie Mc Gregor - We don't need to fuss  (Itation)
Bobby Tenna - It's not easy  (Wile Fire)
Harry Chapman - Self reliance  (Wile Fire)
A'taru - Nothing nah lef  (House of Hits)
Sizzla - Consciousness within yourself  (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed  (Wavestorm Ent)
Hero - None at all  (Wavestorm Ent)

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