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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 10/3/09 2am-6am

Higher Meditation version  (Itation)
Queen Ifrica - Love is the only solution  (Itation)
Ras Matthew - Prepare the way  (Itation)
Teflon - Know Jah  (Itation)
Soul Medic - Find Jah  (Itation)
Chino - Dem vex  (Itation)
Sizzla - Buss out the youths  (Itation)
Freddie Mc Gregor - We don't need to fuss  (Itation)
Jah Sun - Look inside  (Itation)
Wayne Wonder - Apart  (Itation)
Fallen version  (Citizen K)
Jah Soul -Falling  (Citizen K)
Dakeye - Just like a man  (Citizen K)
Keys of Creation - By my side  (Citizen K)
Anthony Q - Changing world  (Citizen K)
A'taru - Nuthing nuh lef  (House of Hits)
Koolant - See dem a badmind  (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - What made dem vex  (House of Hits)
Chrisinti - Still be around  (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - Seh dem a bad mind  (V P)
Anthony B - Justice  (V P)
Mighty Diamonds - Payaca  (ALTAFAAN)
Everton Blender - Lick a belly  (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder - Slave  (ALTAFAAN)
Jah Mason & Lutan Fyah - Black King  (ALTAFAAN)
Sanchez - That place   (John John)
Anthony Cruz - Only the Father  (John John)
Gyptian - Life hard  (John John)
Stevie Face - How come  (Boot Camp)
DYCR & Singing Melody - Love is the answer  (Boot Camp)
Focus version  (Raw Moon)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Struggle  (Raw Moon)
Lutan Fyah - Buggu yaga  (Raw Moon)
Anthony Cruz - A wha dis  (Raw Moon)
Jubulent - Everyday another yute die  (Wheela Music)
Konshens - Medi  (Wheela Music)
Ras Murdoch - Gunshots falling  (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Culture WeedHim version  (Metastone)
Omar Perry - I'm a rebel  (Metastone)
Prince Malachi - Set my people  (Metastone)
Alpheus - Today is your day  (Metastone)
Anthony John - Jah bless his people  (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah  (Metastone)
Jah Nyne - Troddin on
Jah Nyne - Hungry pickney
Lutan Fyah - Little voice  (House of Hits)
Luciano - For you  (House of Hits)
Prophecy - Fight di fight  (House of Hits)
Marley I - Giving you my love  (House of Hits)
Ras Manuel - Love you no more  (Reggae Nights)
Flashy - Take it easy  (Reggae Nights)
Top Rated version   (TADS)
Sizzla - Better know this  (TADS)
Courtney John - What its like  (TADS)
LUST - Stronger  (TADS)
Noddy Virtue - Time  (TADS)
Queen Ifrica - 9 outta 10  (TADS)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy  (TADS)
Troy Anthony - More love  (Katylis)
Dennis Mc Lean - We shall call  (Katylis)
Lyricson - Need not to worry  (Mael Studio)
Lutan Fyah - Girl I know  (Mael Studio)
Mad Killah - Sans ma femme  (Mael Studio)
Little D Lion - Crying  (Mael Studio)
Ras Mc Bean - Empress divine  (Mael Studio)
Junior King - Moving out of Babylon  (Silly Walks)
Gentleman - Lift we up deh  (Silly Walks)
Luciano - Protect I Jah  (Silly Walks)
Lutan Fyah - Wreckage  (Silly Walks)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed  (Wavestorm Ent)
Chezidek - Long spoon  (Wavestorm Ent)
Columbo - Dem can't  (Wavestorm Ent)
I Wayne - Be wise and fearless  (Head Concussion)
Fire Star - Lion paw  (Head Concussion)
Lukie D - Rescue  (Renaissance)
Natural Black - Something in common  (Renaissance)
Lutan Fyah - Falling for you  (Renaissance)
Gyptian - New baan  (Brick & Lee)
Cris Opilis - Sive out  (Brick & Lee)
Capleton & Noreiga - Liberation  pt2  (Kingstone)
Vybz Kartel - Yeah though I walk  (Adidjaheim/Not Nice)
Romain Virgo - Murderer  (Vikings)
Ziggi - Ganjah smoke in the air  (Necessary Mayhem)
Mr Williamz - No cigarette  (Necessary Mayhem)
Tristam Palmer - Joker smoker  (Clocktower)

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