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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don Dreads playlist 3/6/10

Bomb Drop version ( Head Concussion)
Konshens & Delus - Chalice load (Head Concussion)
Vybz Kartel - Marie (Head Concussion)
Jah Vinci - Money dream (Head Concussion)
Gyptian - Better days (Head Concussion)
I Octane - This is real (Head Concussion)
Konshens - Insanity (No Doubt)
Peter Morgan & Busy Signal - Unfair (No Doubt)
Lutan Fyah - Gangsta living (No Doubt)
Duane Stephenson & Ras Shiloh - As soon as we rise (Flava Mc Gregor)
Beres Hammond - One life to live (Flava Mc Gregor)
Pressure - Think about you (Flava Mc Gregor)
Gramps Morgan - It's you (Flava Mc Gregor)
Tony Curtis - Golden eyes (Flava Mc Gregor)
Lukie D - I surrender (Flava Mc Gregor)
Tantric version - (40/40)
Richie Stephens - Sugar (40/40)
Nikki Burt - All in the name of love (40/40)
Melani Storm - Honey (40/40)
Una Morgan - Giving (40/40)
Busy Signal - Night shift (Jukeboxx/Turf)
Busy Signal - One more night (Jukeboxx/Turf)
Charly B - Brainfood (Straight Sounds)
Cali P - Sweet greens (Straight Sounds)
Cali P - Nothing is impossible (Pow Pow)
Turbulence - Time to rise (Pow Pow)
Gentleman & Million Stylez - Help is on the way (Pow Pow)
Junior X - Surfer (Pow Pow)
Nature - Nasty lips (Pow Pow)
High House version (Dejavu)
Nature - They don't care (Dejavu)
I Lyon - Free (Dejavu)
Thrilla U & Prestige - Con artist (Dejavu)
Amique - Protect me (Dejavu)
Omari - Live up (Dejavu)
Lutan Fyah - Love (Dejavu)
Lutan Fyah - The system (Live Up)
Capleton - Know them (Live Up)
Capleton - Some day (Flava Squad)
Khago - From the slum (Flava Squad)
Cobra - Warrior (Flava Squad)
Pressure - Heads of government (Flava Squad)
Mojo Morgan - Don't worry (Flava Squad)
Villa Dutch & Feekaz - Suffaration (Flava Squad/Emminent)
I Octane - My life (D J Frass)
G Whizz - Nah give up (D J Frass)
Chase Cross - Mama proud a mi (D J Frass)
Anthony B - Love is the answer (D J Frass)
Vybz Kartel - Sweet victory (Human Rights)
Jah Vinci - Nuh scared (Human Rights)
I Octane - Dem nah done (Human Rights)
Higher Boukie - Betterment (Human Rights)
Lutan Fyah - Fear no evil (Human Rights)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed - Wavestorm)
Hero - None at all (Wavestorm)
Vybz Kartel - Hustle in the streets (Wavestorm)
Vybz Kartel - Black child (Cash Flow)
Black Rhyno - Piece of cake (Cash Flow)
G Whizz - Money, money (Cash Flow)
Lutan Fyah - Too long (Gold Cup)
Bushman & Ras Ijah - One more load (Gold Cup)
Ras Tewelde - Love the life (Gold Cup)
Jah Nyne - How do you feel (Gold Cup)
Jah Nyne - Hungry pickney
Jah Nyne - What's going on
Datta version(Sax) - Gregory Lampis & Babyclone Band (149 Records)
Queen Omega - Travelling (149 Records)
CKLM - Unity I (149 Records)
Anthony Q - Ease up the pressure (149 Records)
Jah Jah Yute - Rough life (149 Records)
Luciano - Battlefield warriors (Fly Note Prod)
Anthony John - Health and strength (Fly Note Prod)
Lutan Fyah - Overcome them (Fly Note Prod)
Lutan Fyah - Family effort (Kick Off)
Marley I - Cry for the poor (Kick Off)
Jodian Pantry - Pray to the Father (Kick Off)
Angelle - Struggle (Cross Seas Ent)
Nature - Vampire (Cross Seas Ent)
Singing Cologne - Never let the devil (Charmax)
Jalanzo - Don't burn your bridges (Charmax)
Viceroys - Wisdom free (Charmax)
Capleton - Recognized (Master One)
Richie Spice - Trouble in the world (Master One)
Richie Spice - Don't call me no dog (Sankofa)
Khago - Uphill climb (Sankofa)
Cocoa Tea - Inside out (Sankofa)
Ras Pilot - Chase dem (Cut Thyme)
Sizzla - Pre cation (Bread back)
Bobby Hustle - Thats right (Bread Back)

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