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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Selectah Niko's playlist 3/27/10

Anthony B-Sorry==> DiGenius (New Chapter)
Assassin-Give Thanks (New Chapter)
Etana-Who Gave You the Right (New Chapter)
Chino-Forgive Me (New Chapter)
Lutan Fyah-African Queen==> Eye n Eye (In Touch)
Jubilant-Everyday Another Yute Dies (In Touch)

John Holt/Sizzla-Police in Helicopter==> Voiceful Jamaica (Police in 'copter)
Chuck Fenda-More Marijuana (Police in 'copter)
Anthony B-Drop it (Police in 'copter)
Million Stylez-Police in Helicopter==> Necessary Meyhem
Million Stylez/Joey Fever-Young Gunz==> Necessary Meyhem (Come Down)
Pinchers-Bandelero (Come Down)

Naptali-Show Them Love==>Oneness Records
Alborosie/Spiritual-Marathon==>RJR Records
Alborosie/Lady Ann-Informer==>Forward Records
Alborosie/Sizzla-Meditation==> Forward Rec.
Chalice/Tarrus Riley-Good to be There==> Cannon

Lutan Fyah-Bad Traffic==> Irie Ites (Down in Jamaica)
Tanya Stephens-I'm not Proud (Down in JA)
Chezidek-Bad Out Deh (Down in JA)
Suga Roy/Conrad Crystal-Good Sensi (Down in JA)
Marlon Asher-Ganja Farmer==> Caribbean Underground Prod.
Buju Banton-Sensimenia==> Powerlink Int'l
Sizzla-Red Wine to Gaze==> Jiggy RMX

Beres Hammond-One Life to Live==> Flava McGregor (Classic)
Duane Stephenson/RasMcBean-Soon as We Rise (Classic)
Gramps Morgan-Its You (Classic)
Gyptian-Love Means Everything (Classic)
Khago-Love Stomach (Classic)
Pressure-Thinking About You (Classic)
Pressure-Your Love==> Don Corleon

Glen Washington-Good Loving==> TAD's Int'l (Love is the Answer)
Jah Mason- Love is the Answer (Love is the Answer)
Norris Man-Pack Up & Leave (Love is the Answer)
Roman Cruz-Lite it up (Love is the Answer)
Anthony B-God Above Everythin==> BrickWall (It's Raining)
Norris Man-Park Yuh Gunz (It's Raining)

Glen Washington/Pressure-When Them Come

Beres Hammond-Still Waiting For You==> Techniques (Eternity)
Timeka Marshall-One More Day (Eternity)
Morgan Heritage-Here To Stay (Eternity)
Gappy Ranx-So God Bless==> Super Love Prod.
Lutan Fyah-Don't Cry To Me==> Fat Eyes (Fire)
Sizzla-Glad You're My Lady (Fire)

Lutan Fyah-Always==> Nicetime Music (No Combo)
Queen Ifrica-Choppa Grade (No Combo)
Queen Ifrica-Below the Waist==> Penthouse (Continuation)
Warrior King-It's Been A Long Time (Continuation)
Beres Hammond/Buju Banton-I'm Gonna Do My Best (Continuation)

Ziggi-Gonna Leave You==> Special Delivery (Sugar)
Million Stylez-Me & U (Sugar)
Torch-Good Love (Sugar)
Demarco-Its OK (Sugar)

Duane Stephenson-Hard Times==> I Grade Records

Selectah Niko Sat. 2-5pm
Roots Radical Crew
89.3FM &

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