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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wumd 89.3 FM North Dartmouth New transmitter=MORE POWER!!

We are glad to let all our listeners know our station 89.3 FM has plugged in the NEW Transmitter allowing us to broadcast on 10,000 watts of power!!!
We will as usual be streaming live at
More power means more listeners

Big up to our General Manager Jenn Mulcare-Sullivan for pushing the project to the finish. We lost our transmitter in a flood , which now seems a LONG time ago, but Jennifer has been steady organizing the come back of the 10,000 watt transmitter & the enjoyment of music back to our local listeners radios.....
Many people would call and tell us they could only listen in the car, so they would do errands during Roots Radical Connection , just so they could tune in! Dedication! Now you should be able to tune in, inside the house & and of course those with computers tune in online

**Bless & Respect to all**


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