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Saturday, July 10, 2010

DON DREADS Playlist 7/10/10

Orange Hill version - (Cash Flow)
Junior Reid - Jamaican chocolate (Cash Flow)
Andrew & Wada Blood - Every farmer (Cash Flow)
I Octane - Puff it (Cash Flow)
Tnez - Nah get bus (Cash Flow)
Lutan Fyah - Ashes (Dynasty)
Perfect - Man a lion (Dynasty)
Bobby Hustle - Pon top (Dynasty)
D Way & Sizzla - Call wi name (Dynasty)
Ashes version - (Dynasty)
Gyptian - Ballground (Chronic Hill)
Majah Hype - Summer day (Majah Leagez)
Mr Vegas - Sweet Jamaica (Cliff Ray)
Konshens - No tears (Creation Rebel/Rebellion riddim)
Pressure - The system set away (Fireball)
Jamelia - Look around (Fireball)
Ras Goudie - Wha a dem ago do (Fireball)
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Bloodshed (Fireball)
Lutan Fyah - Telling a lie (Fireball)
Fyahkin - These streets (Liv Up/Yard Life)
Delus - Unruly (Liv Up/Yard Life)
Munga - Gone too soon (Liv Up/Yard Life)
Bushman - When will this change (Lazeme)
Leon Danger - Blood Brother (Lazeme)
Tami - Stress has me down (Lazeme)
Peetah Morgan - Di government (The Bombist)
J Boog - The coldest zone (The Bombist)
Konshens - Hustlin (The Bombist)
Design version (Greenyard)
Konshens - Never fall (Greenyard)
Anthony B - Protect me (Greenyard)
Mark Wonder - Fighting soldier (Greenyard)
Zebulon - Give thanks (Cut Thyme)
Revelation - Run (Cut Thyme)
Junior King - Don't believe the hype (Cut Thyme)
Royal Dainties - Israel return (Cut Thyme)
Malekie - Let it be known (Cut Thyme)
Entitlement version - (Leaf Of Life)
Lymie Murray - Come along way (Leaf Of Life)
Zamunda - It takes more than me (Leaf Of Life)
Terry Ganzie - Protect yourself (Leaf Of Life)
Mikey General - Dem nuh know (Leaf Of Life)
Turbulence - It's a celebration of life (Leaf Of Life)
Jah Mali - A fool (Joe Frasier)
Ambelique - Build me up (Joe Frasier)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Here we go again (Joe Frasier)
Brian & Tony Gold - In a troubled time (ALTAFAAN)
Ziggi & Marcia - You (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder & Jah Mali - When I see you smiling (ALTAFAAN)
Blessings version (Roach)
Jah Dore - Prayer (Roach)
Etana - War (Roach)
I Wayne & Fire Star - Mother love (Roach)
I Wayne - Famine & drought (Donesome)
Gyptian - Mama bawl (Donesome)
Soul version - Oneness Band (Oneness)
Sara Lugo - Familiar stranger (Oneness)
Raymond Wright - Cry, cry (Oneness)
Denham Smith - Jessibel (Oneness)
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Me phone a ring off (Fireball)
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Herbs of a lifetime (Fireball)
Junior Kelly - Burn my trees (Fireball)
Ilements - Free up the herbs (Irie Ites)
Glen Washington - Jah love holding firm (Irie Ites)
Leroy Sibbles - Party time (Irie Ites)
Sizzla - Frienz for life (Irie Ites)
Alborosie & I Eye - Surrender your love (Fever Grass)
Oniel Pert - Take me in your arms (Flava Mc Gregor)
Beres Hammond - Keeping it real (Flava Mc Gregor)
One Love Drive version (Lazeme)
Anthony B - Sweet Jamaica (Lazeme)
Little Hero - Save Us (Lazeme)
Nas, Damian Marley, Dennis Brown - Land of Promise (Universal)
Anthony John - Conquering Lion (Zion Gate)
Christine Miller -Defender of the faith (Zion Gate)
Determination Rock - Zion Gate Players (Zion Gate)
Sizzla - Why does the world cry accoustic (Savona)
Alton Ellis - Chant Rasta sound (Savona)
Prince Allah - Captive bird (Savona)

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