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Monday, July 26, 2010

DON DREADS Playlist 7/24/10

Street Swag version (Di Genius)
Mavado - When the eden rise (Di Genius)
Stephen Mc Gregor - Don't cry (Di Genius)
Fambo - Swagaholic (Di Genius)
Laden - Roll up (Di Genius)
Agent Sasco - Lord have mercy (Di Genius)
Konshens & Brusco - She wants me (Macrobeats)
Gappy Ranks - Girl next door (Macrobeats)
Million Stylez - Summertime (Macrobeats)
Nesbeth - Love you forever (Gachapan)
Bob Andy - Games people play (Gachapan)
I Octane - Why people a gwan so (Gachapan)
Munga - Concrete jungle (Gachapan)
Miki Ras - Wata it (Cash Flow)
Andrew & Wada Blood - Every farmer (Cash Flow)
Laden - Highest (Cash Flow)
I Octane - Puff it (Cash Flow)
Jr Reid - Jamaican chocolate (Cash Flow)
Ashes version - (Dynasty)
Lutan Fyah - Ashes (Dynasty)
Perfect - Man a lion (Dynasty)
Bobby Hustle - Pon top (Dynasty)
D Way & Sizzla - Call we name (Dynasty)
Mr Vegas - Swet Jamaica (Cliff Ray)
Konshens - No more tears (Rebellion/Creation Rebel riddim)
Pressure - Live in love (Sane Kry)
Anthony Cruz - Back downtown (Now Time Sound)
Majah Hype - Summer day (Majah Leagez)
Alaine - You are me (1 Thirty 1)
Tarrus Riley - Who's responsible (2 Hard)
Tony Rebel - Love soldier (2 Hard)
Assassin - Somethings gotta give (2 Hard)
Marlon Asher - Cleanse their ways (Presha)
Deva Bratt - Hard out there (Presha)
Nesbeth - As I walk (Presha)
Fyahkin - They face it (Presha)
Norrisman - Thanks & praises (Presha)
Anonimus & Bay C - Fire we a burn (Bombrush)
Busy Signal & Cobra (Bombrush)
T O K - The chosen (BombRush)
Sizzla - Terrible stranger (BombRush)
Live & Life version - Barry Ohare (X Rated)
Capleton - Fed up with the system (X Rated)
Nando - Say what you wanna (X Rated)
Stien - Give me your love (Supa Blunt)
Kaliba - You know I care (Supa Blunt)
Ataru - Your so sexy (Supa Blunt)
Diamond Touch version (Supa Blunt)
Rock City - All I want (Don Corleon)
Lutan Fyah - Come over (Don Corleon)
Jah Cure - Respect (Don Corleon)
Tarrus Riley - Wildfire (Don Corleon)
Kali Blaxx - Nah trust them (Itation)
Omar Perry - Those were the days (Itation)
Pressure - Be what you want to be (Itation)
Lutan Fyah - Jah will (Itation)
Lutan Fyah - Bruk loose again (Reality Chant)
David Levi - Warriors of Eithiopia (Reality Chant)
Jah Mason - Ain't no turning back (Reality Chant)
Natty King - Rasta is the light (Reality Chant)
Fyah Stone - Nah go like me (Selassie I riddim)
Isasha - Qadamawi (Selassie I Riddim)
Million Voice - Million buss (Selassie I riddim)
Zareb - Oh Jah (Burton)
Chezidek - Can't run (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Circumstances (Burton)
I Wayne & Chuck Fender - Thin line & edge (Flava Mc Gregor)
Gyptian - Crying for a better day (Flava Mc Gregor)
Ginjah - No regrets (Flava Mc Gregor)
Pressure - Life is worth more than gold (Flava Mc Gregor)
Makail X - Get away (Necessary Mayhem)
Ziggi - Pretender (Necessary Mayhem)
Joggo - Don't stop the music (Necessary Mayhem)
Sizzla - Reggae music (Chiney K)
Ginjah - Desperate in need (Chiney K)
Ras Goudie - Safe travel (Buggy)
Mad Cobra - Judas (Buggy)
MarkWonder & Natural Black - Day by day (Oneness)
Capleton - Truly blessed (Oneness)
Lutan Fyah - Be conscious (Oneness)
Beres Hammond - Keeping it real (Flava Mc Gregor)
Kashief & Nikiesha Lindo - Small change (Flava Mc Gregor)
Party Time version - Mafia, Fluxy, & Bim (Irie Ites)
Leroy Sibbles - Party time (Irie Ites)
Glen Washington - Jah love holding firm (Irie Ites)
Natty King & Spectacular - Sweet Jamaica (Irie Ites)
Sizzla- Frienz for life (Irie Ites)
Alborosie & I Eye - Surrender your love (Fever Grass)
Rhianna - Rudeboy RMX (Rootdown & Soul Force)
Joggo - All my life (Sound Quake)
Cornador - To all my people (Sound Quake)
Malijah - Love Rastafari (Sound Quake)
Junior Kelly - Still a hold faith (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder & Jah Mali - Want to see yousmiling (ALTAFAAN)
Ziggi & Marcia Griffiths - You (ALTAFAAN)
MamaAfrica version (Bizarri)
Ras Tewelde & Jamafrica - Mama Africa (Bizarri)
Million Stylez - Jah is worthy (Bizarri)
Brusco & I Octane - Nuh care (Bizarri)
Peetah Morgan - The government (The Bombist)
Konshens - The way life goes (The Bombist)
Hustlin version - Bost & Bim (The Bombist)
Alaine - Up (C R 203)
Vybz Kartel - Not a love song (C R 203)
Raine Seville - Listen (C R 203)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Here we go again (Joe Frasier)
Jah Mali - A fool (Joe Frasier)
Glen Washington - Loving you (Joe Frasier)

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