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Thursday, August 26, 2010

DON DREADS Playlist 8/21/10

Jamesy P- Sankie pon dem (Parry Jack Prod)
Luta - Throw bad mind (Parry Jack Prod)
Fireman Hooper - Holy fire (Parry Jack Prod)
Joggo - Gundown (Dreada)
Mr Patze - Bad boy business done (Dreada)
Miriam - If I could (Dreada)
Lorenzo - Keep on trying (Dreada)
Chezidek - Ever since (Dreada)
Khago - Granny teachings (Sankofa)
Jah Cure - Don't let them cry (Sankofa)
Cecile -Groupie (Sankofa)
Chuck Fender - Got me to love you (Sankofa)
Sizzla - Herb (Sankofa)
Johnny Clarke - Blood dunza (Mafia & Fluxy)
I Octane - False pretender (Maximum Sound)
Lutan Fyah - Sanctify yourself (Maximum Sound)
Sugar Minott - Try to know (Swallowbird)
Prince Theo - Let us live (Swallowbird)
Robert FFrench - Home sweet home (Swallowbird)
Gyptian - My land (Swallowbird)
Johnny Clarke - Creation rebel (Mafia & Fluxy)
Tarrus Riley - Poverty nuh ina fashion (Maximum Sound)
Gappy Ranks - Heavy load (Maximum Sound)
Anthony B - Hold the faith (Maximum Sound)
Chezidek & U Roy - Teach dem (Maximum Sound)
Luciano & Mikey General - Hosanna (Maximum Sound)
Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah - Rebel with a cause (Maximum Sound)
Konshens - No more tears (Maximum Sound)
I Wayne & Fire Star - Mother love (Roach)
Etana - War - (Roach)
Jah Dore - Prayer (Roach)
Lutan Fyah - Cherish the Earth (Roach)
Junior Reid - Love your brother (J R)
Leroy Sibbles - Party Time (Irie Ites)
Ilements - Free up the herbs (Irie Ites)
Glen Washington - Jah love holding on (Irie Ites)
Sizzla - Freinz for life (Irie Ites)
Bost & Bim - Hustlin version (The Bombist)
Lutan Fyah -Black Rose (The Bombist)
Tumi - Cape Verdean girl (The Bombist)
J Boog - Coldest zone (The Bombist)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Here we go again (Joe Frasier)
Stevie Face - Don't cry (Joe Frasier)
Kashief & Nikiesha Lindo - Small change (Flava Mc Gregor)
Beres Hammond - Keeping it real (Flava Mc Gregor)
Beres Hammond - One life to live (Flava Mc Gregor)
Rod Taylor - The devil and his followers (Coogah)
King Kong - Jah is the Ruler (Coogah)
Pad Anthony - Burn Babylon (Coogah)
African Simba - Communication (Coogah)
Murray Man - Stay away (Coogah)
Design version (Greenyard)
Konshens - Never fall (Greenyard)
Mark Wonder - Fighting soldiers (Greenyard)
Burro Banton & Tony Curtis - Blaze it (Greenyard)
Wildfire - Ganja yard - (Not Easy At All)
Earl 16 - Fittest of the fittest (Not Easy At All)
Benaissa - African blood (Not Easy At All)
Chezidek - Walk with Jah (Not Easy At All)
Anthony John - Conquering Lion (Zion Gate)
Nerius Joseph - Upful warrior (Zion Gate)
Nelly Stharre - Rockstone (Zion Gate)
Christine Miller - Defender of the faith (Zion Gate)
Pressure - You can be what you want (Itation)
Lutan Fyah - Jah will (Itation)
Fantan Mojah - Bust the chain (Itation)
Malekie - Let it be known (Cut Thyme)
Royal Dainties - Israel return (Cut Thyme)
Deciple - It is He (Cut Thyme)
Zebulon - Give thanks (Cut Thyme)
Entitlement version (Leaf Of Life)
Zamunda - It takes more than me (Leaf Of Life)
Terry Ganzie - Protect yourself (Leaf Of Life)
Turbulence - It's a celebration of life (Leaf Of Life)
Norrisman - Show my people (Breadback)
Warrior King - Experience teaches wisdom (Breadback)
Delly Ranks - Nine to five (Breadback)
Lukie D - Share him (Breadback)
Lutan Fyah - Jamaican girl (Breadback)
Lloyd Brown - She's not easy (Rootdown)
Jaqee - Kokoo girl (Rootdown)
Million Stylez - Summertime (Macrobeat)
Konshens & Brusco - She wants me (Macrobeat)
Gappy Ranks - Girl next door (Macrobeat)
Marlon Asher - Change dem ways (Presha)
Norrisman - Thanks & praises (Presha)

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