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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


David Levi - Warriors of Eithiopia (Reality Chant)
Natty King - Rasta is the light (Reality Chant)
Jah Mason - Ain't no turning back (Reality Chant)
Lutan Fyah - Broke loose again (Reality Chant)
Jah Defender - My town (Blue Lava)
Mr King - Fyah (Blue Lava)
I Sasha & Million Voice - Peace & war (Blue Lava)
Hustlin version - Bost & Bim (The Bombist)
Peetah Morgan - Di government (The Bombist)
Konshens - The way life goes (The Bombist)
Sizzla - This world (Flava Squad)
Turbulence - Unify (Flava Squad)
Lutan Fyah - Be conscious (Oneness)
Mark Wonder & Natural Black - Day by day (Oneness)
Capleton - Truly blessed (Oneness)
Orange Hill version - (Cash Flow)
Jr Reid - Jamaican chocolate (Cash Flow)
Andrew & Wada Blood - Every farmer (Cash Flow)
Laden - Highest (Cash Flow)
I Octane - Puff it (Cash Flow)
Perfect - Man a lion (Dynasty)
Lutan Fyah - Ashes (Dynasty)
Lutan Fyah - Girl I know (Mael Studios)
Lyricson - Need not to worry (Mael Studios)
Ras Mc Bean - Empress devine (Mael Studios)
Ziggi & Marcia Griffiths - You (ALTAFAAN)
Brian & Tony Gold - Joy at troubled times (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder & Jah Mali - When I see you smiling (ALTAFAAN)
Nando - Say what you wanna (X Rated)
Capleton - Fed up with the system (X Rated)
Capleton - Preserve my soul (Shack)
Fantan Mojah - Dem never know (Shack)
Lutan Fyah - Heard di cry (Shack)
Lutan Fyah - Mix up (Weedy G)
Lutan Fyah - Praise (Weedy G)
Luciano & Spectacular - Be yourself (Weedy G)
Skarra Mucci - Jah blessings (Weedy G)
Tarrus Riley - Wildfire (Don Corleon)
Tarrus Riley - Who's responsible (2 Hard)
Queen Ifrica - Times like these (2 Hero)
Tony Rebel - Love soldier (2 Hard)
City Life version - Dean Frasier (2 Hard)
Jah Cure - Every corner I turn (2 Hard)
Jah Cure - Before I leave (C R 203)
Vybz Kartel - She's holding on (C R 203)
I Octane - Hold her in my arms (C R 203)
Di Genius - Whine up (C R 203)
Movado - Stulla (C R 203)
Sean Paul - Turn me on (C R 203)
Mr Easy - Your eyes (Juss Buss)
Cecile - Ladies in the club (Juss Buss)
Konshens - Gals dem alone (Juss Buss)
Konshens - War straight (Roots Survival)
Lutan Fyah - Lutan Fyah - It does matter (Roots Survival)
Lutan Fyah - Cherish the earth (Roach)
Jah Dore - Prayer (Roach)
Glen Washington - Jah love holding on (Irie Ites)
Leroy Sibbles - Party time (Irie Ites)
Sizzla - Frienz for life (Ire Ites)
Konshens & Brusco - She wants me (Macrobeat)
Gappy Ranks - Girl next door (Macrobeat)
Million Stylez - Summertime (Macrobeat)
Alaine - Still smiling (Penthouse)
Sherita - Reggae is life (Penthouse)
Richie Stephens - Color of love (Penthouse)
Pressure - Live in love (Sane Cry)
Pressure - Hail Fari rmx (Dub Akom)
Pressure - Never fall (Jam II)
Pressure - Life worth more than gold (Flava Mc Gregor)
Pressure - Ina dancehall (Irie Ites)
Pressure - Pure life (E 10 Music/Rymshot)
Pressure - Never will I (Soul Vybz)
Ras Tewelde - Everywhere I go (Bizarri)
Deliman & Ryan Conscious - One day (Bizarri)
Ras Mc Bean - Brighter day (149 records)
Jah Jah Yute - All we need (149)
Anthony B - Protect me (Greenyard)
Konshens - Never fall (Greenyard)
Entitlement version (Leaf Of life)
Zamunda - It takes more than me (Leaf Of Life)
Mikey General - Dem nuh know (Leaf Of Life)
Junior King - Don't believe the hype (Cut Thyme)
Deciple - It is he (Cut Thyme)
Malekie - Let it be known (Cut Thyme)
Zebulon - Give thanks (Cut Thyme)
Royal Dainties - Israel return (Cut Thyme)

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