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Saturday, September 19, 2009

DJ Don Dread's Playlist 9/19/09 2am - 6am

Super Cat - Come down (Wild Apache)
Pinchers - Bandelero (Necessary Mayhem)
Papa Levi - Speed rappin (Necessary Mayhem)
Tippa Irie - Tippa on da mic (Necessary Mayhem)
Million Stylez & Joey Fever - Young guns (Necessary Mayhem)
Mr Williamz - General (Necessary Mayhem)
Come Down version - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Luciano - We've had enough (Sound Bank)
Natural Black - Africa me a reach (Sound Bank)
In Touch version (Wheela Music)
Konshens - Medi (Wheela Music)
Jubilant - Every day another yute die (Wheela Music)
Ginjah - Nah give up (Wheela Music)
Ras Mc Bean - Edens rage (Irie Ites)
Luciano & Spectacular - What gwan bad (Irie Ites)
Mafia & Fluxy - Gwan dub in the marning (Irie Ites)
Lutan Fyah - Unquenchable (Ragland Prod)
Milton Blake - Rise up (Ragland Prod)
Ras Omeek - Love Jah (Ragland Prod)
Zahair - Some places (Ragland Prod)
Josie Wales - Sweet love (Ragland Prod)
Jah Nyne & Jah Hem - Most High
Jah Nyne - Hungry pickney
My Boo version (Sing Ray)
Christopher - Good to me (Sing Ray)
Chrisinti - Forgive me (Sing Ray)
Charm, Chris Howell, & G Mafia - When in love (Sing Ray)
LUST - Real friends - (Sing Ray)
Alley Cat - No more garrison (Sing Ray)
Ras Peetah - Rasta man thing (Sing Ray)
Lutan Fyah - Oil in my lamp (Sing Ray)
Mark Wonder & Lutan Fyah - Still deh deh (ALTAFAAN)
Mark Wonder & Capleton - Where do we go (ALTAFAAN)
Beenie Man - Life (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Smokie Benz & Josie Mel - Try Jah love (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Horace Andy - Rastafari (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Turbulence - Mothers (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Sizzla - You made my day (Minor 7 Flat 5)
Nyorah - I love the way (Lustre Kings)
Lutan Fyah - Shes like the rainbow (Lustre Kings)
I Lue - See dem going down (Lustre Kings)
Norrisman - Wish they were here (Lustre Kings)
Ray Darwin - Thats life (Souljah Music)
Rebellion the Recaller - So cold (Souljah Music)
Lutan Fyah - Buggu yaga (Raw Moon)
Tom Laing - Heavy load (Raw Moon)
Shanti Reb Lah - Be not afraid (Raw Moon)
Cherry Rock - Realm of life (Raw Moon)
Rob Symeon & Bigga Haitian - All things (Raw Moon)
Anthony Cruz - A wha dis (Raw Moon)
Jah Mason - Life has been good (Raw Moon)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Struggle (Raw Moon)
Gappy Ranks - So God bless (Super Love Prod)
Tarrus Riley - Jah nah sleep (Don Corleon)
Ginjah - Never lost my way {Accoustic} (No Doubt)
Romaine Virgo - Murderer (Vikings)
Tarrus Riley, Lady G, Barbee, Duane Stephenson - Paradise redemption (Cannon)
Hopeful version (Fractal)
Jah Mali - Whole heap a time (Fractal)
Jah Mason - We will be rising (Fractal)
Turbulence - Never knew (Fractal)
Alpheus - Keep the faith (A Lone Prod)
Glen Washington - Jah Jah deliver me (A Lone Prod)
Musical Family version (A Lone Prod)
Lutan Fyah - African be proud (V P)
Vavvy - Thats what you get (Links)
Hawkeye - Nuh clean (Links)
Iceman - Words of wisdom (Links)
Sizzla - Rise to the top (Downsound)
Capleton - Head above water (Downsound)
Capleton - A long way (Pikkihead)
Lutan Fyah - Remove all burdens (Pikkihead)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed (Wavestorm Ent)
Little Hero - None at all (Wavestorm Ent)
P Zed - Ease (Wavestorm Ent)
Chezidek - Long spoon (Wavestorm Ent)
Lukie D - Rescue (Renaissance)
Natural Black - Something in common (Renaissance)
Lutan Fyah - Falling for you (Renaissance)
Lutan Fyah - Energize me (Metastone)
Omar Perry - I'm a rebel (Metastone)
Anthony John - Jah bless his people (Metastone)
Askala Selassie - Stop fussing & Fighting (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah (Metastone)
Al Francis - Blessed love (Whatage)

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