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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 9/5/09 2am-6am

Chezidek - Long spoon (Wavestorm Ent)
Black Rhyno - Born & raised (Wavestorm Ent)
P Zed - Ease (Wavestorm Ent)
Lutan Fyah - Blessed (Wavestorm Ent)
Don B - Gaza strip (Wavestorm Ent)
Glen Washington - Jah Jah deliver me (A Lone Prod)
Alpheus - Keep the faith (A Lone Prod)
Dirty Dozen version - Lone Ark Riddim Force (A Lone Prod)
Alpheus - Ultimate (A Lone Prod)
Glen Washington - In the distance (A Lone Prod)
Jah Mason - We will be rising (Fractal)
Norrisman - Rasta glory (Fractal)
Jah Mali - Whole heap a time (Fractal)
Brahim - Le vice of lego (Fractal)
Turbulence - Never knew (Fractal)
Avram - Another Moses
Jah Nyne - Troddin on
Jah Thri - Hard to say
Bobo Ken - Da raw
Chezidek - Right time (Lustre Kings)
Marlon Asher - Jah forgive me (Lustre Kings)
Chrisinti - Same hands (Lustre Kings)
Messenjah Selah - She ask me (Lustre Kings)
Norrisman & Ras Attitude - We try (Lustre Kings)
Proverbs version - Nick Fantastic (Lustre Kings)
Lutan Fyah - Slow to anger (Lustre Kings)
Lutan Fyah - Ises to the King (Cell Block)
Steve Knight - I cry (Cell Block)
Prophecy - Harsh reality (Cell Block)
Hyah Reyms - Hungry belly (Cell Block)
Chuck Fender & Oba Simba - Back against the wall (Cell Block)
Natural Black - Love within the music (Cell Block)
People Cry version (Chiney K)
Dario & Konshens - Dem cry (Chiney K)
Anthony Q - Poor life (Chiney K)
Sizzla - Serious times (Chiney K)
Fantan Mojah - Mind games (Chiney K)
Black Rhyno - Take control (Cash Flow)
Vybz Kartel - Life we living (Cash Flow)
Konshens - Realest song (Cash Flow)
Blessed version (Whatage)
Al Francis - Blessed love (Whatage)
Mr Steele - Friday (Whatage)
Gyptian - Warn you (Zim Dance Hall)
Trueman - Hardcore (Zim Dance Hall)
Courtney Melody - Born a Killa (Zim Dance Hall)
Hardcore version (Zim Dance Hall)
Jah Mason - Be conscious (Zim Dance Hall)
Ras Shiloh - The system (Zim Dance Hall)
Luciano - This place (Zim Dance Hall)
Bushman - In my world (Zim Dance Hall)
Rally Bop - Stickiest grades (Zim Dance Hall)
Psalms Tafari - Look into yourself (Must Rich)
Teedah Emmanuel - Wah dem hear about (Must Rich)
Jah Child - Upwards ghetto youths (Must Rich)
Firestar - Lion Paw (Head Concussion)
Andrew & Wada Blood - Money nah go mek (Head Concussion)
I Wayne - Be wise and fearless (Head Concussion)
Junior Reid - Looking out (Renaissance)
Higher Slice - Dem gone (Renaissance)
Natural Black - Something in common (Renaissance)
Tony Curtis - Let's go (Renaissance)
Lutan Fyah - Falling for you (Renaissance)
Sizzla - Bad man (Skiflaz)
Teflon - None a dem nah real (Skiflaz)
Konshens - If you want hate (Skiflaz)
Gyptian - Different strokes (Young Veterans)
Fyahkin - Better way (Young Veterans)
Maverick - Days like this (Young Veterans)
Abendigo version (Links)
Iceman - Words of wisdom (Links)
Vavvy - Thats what you get (Links)
Hawkeye - Nuh clean (Links)
Anthony B - Fire red (Addis)
Jah Mason - Be wise (Addis)
Chezidek - Hold a meditation (Addis)
Fyah Red version - Jil & Stuff (Addis)
Chezidek & Anthony B - Better must come (Maximum Sounds)
Alborosie - Can't take what is mine (Maximum Sounds)
Warrior King - Where color is no issue (Fams House)
Sizzla - Got to praise Jah (Fams House)
Luciano & Turbulence - Jah is the way (Irie Crew)
Lutan Fyah - Work it out (Irie Ites)
Sizzla - Revolution (Irie Ites)
Kavel Smith - Clean up your act (Katylis Crew)
Katylis Crew - Jamaica land we love (Katylis Crew)
Omar Perry - Sick a dis (One Drop Music)
Jah Mason & Fyah Max - We are the one (One Drop Music)
Buju Banton - Time & place (John John)
Gyptian - Life Hard (John John)
Anthony Cruz - Only the Father (John John)

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