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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DJ Don Dread's Playlist 9/26/09 3am - 8am

I Marley - Giving you my love (House of Hits)
Tony Curtis - I try (House of Hits)
Nesbeth - Father love (House of Hits)
Prophecy - Fight the fight (House of Hits)
Thriller U - I can feel your pain (House of Hits)
Ras Charmer - I am in love with you (House of Hits)
Luciano - For you (House of Hits)
Top Rated version (Tads)
LUST - Stronger (Tads)
Queen Ifrica - Nine out of ten (Tads)
Courtney John - What is life (Tads)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy (Tads)
Hezron - Why the caged bird sings (Tads)
Tony Rebel - When Jah ready (Tads)
Sizzla - Better know this (Tads)
Wake Up Call version (S P M)
Sabaddical Abdah - If Jah didn't love I (S P M)
The Great Abu - Who can endure it (S P M)
Danny I - Conquer your mind (S P M)
Bobo Ithes - Slew dem (S P M)
Demac - Just yesterday (S P M)
Nyingro - Under a spell (S P M)
Yah Shiloh - Jah love (S P M)
Fugitive version (Wile Fire)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy (Wile Fire)
Edi Fitzroy - Too much war (Wile Fire)
Sylence - I know it's rough (Wile Fire)
Harry Chapman - Self reliance (Wile Fire)
Buzzrock - Fresh meditation (Wile Fire)
Silver Cat - Kutchie well load (Wile Fire)
Gaza Kim - Amen (Adidjaheim/Not Nice)
Vybz Kartel - Yeah though I walk (Adidjaheim/Not Nice)
Chukki Starr - Doh mek dem (D & H)
Keefaz & Kenyon - Bosse' (D & H)
Konshens & Delus - Nah put dung (D & H)
Iceman - War & crime (Cellblock)
Mitch & Cutty Ranks - Trigger happy (Cellblock)
Chuck Fender & Oba Simba - Back against the wall (Cellblock)
Mark Wonder - Rainbow child (Cellblock)
Lutan Fyah - Ises to the King (Cellblock)
Bascenta - Happy days (Super Hype)
Gyptian - Complete me (Super Hype)
Voicemail - Be there for you (Super Hype)
Alaine - So simple (Super Hype)
Peetah Morgan - Be mindful (Super Hype)
Good Looks version - Dr Dre (Renaissance)
Lukie D - Rescue me (Renaissance)
Natural Black - Something in common (Renaissance)
Tony Curtis - Let's go (Renaissance)
Lutan Fyah - Falling for you (Renaissance)
Narris Miller - Human nature (House of Hits)
Christopher - This love is real (House of Hits)
Echo Minott - I can't wait (House of Hits)
Jr Kelly - The struggle continues (House of Hits)
River Bed version (King Yard)
Morgan Heritage - No hiding place (King Yard)
Lutan Fyah - Silent weapon (King Yard)
T O K - Guntown (King Yard)
Sizzla - Stop all the war (King Yard)
Better Life version (Cash Flow)
Vybz Kartel - Life we living (Cash Flow)
Black Rhyno - Take control (Cash Flow)
G Whizz - On & on (Cash Flow)
Konshens - Realest song (Cash Flow)
Konshens - Nah let she go (Souljah)
Cecille - Moonlight (SoulJah)
Rebellion the Recaller - So cold (Souljah)
Ray Darwin - That is life (Souljah)
Morning version {Militant remix} (Pharfar)
Michael Rose - Give a thanks (Pharfar)
Chezidek & Chappa John - Some of us (Pharfar)
Warrior King - Sign of the times (Pharfar)
Steam - In the ghetto (House of Hits)
Jr Kelly - Out a control (House of Hits)
Sizzla - Consciousness within yourself (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - What made us (House of Hits)
Culture Weed Him version (Metastone)
Lutan Fyah - Energize me (Metastone)
Anthony John - Jah bless his people (Metastone)
Prince Malachi - Set my people (Metastone)
Alpheus - Today is your day (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah (Metastone)
Jah Ricio - Friendenemies (Reggae Nights)
Ras Manuel - Love you no more (Reggae Nights)
Flashy - Take it easy (Reggae Nights)
Million Stylez - Oh Jah Jah (Root Down)
Utan Green - No one can stop the blessing (Root Down)
Capleton - Obama people need change (Root Down)
Tarrus Riley, Barbee, Lady G, Duane Stephenson - Paradise redemption (Cannon)
To Isis - Ghetto prayer (Comtari Music Group)
Jah Vision - Feel the vibes (Comtari Music Group)
Jah Chile - Upwards ghetto youth (Must Rich)
Ginjah - Never lost my way {Accoustic} (No Doubt)
Ziggi - Gonna leave you (Special Delivery)
Million Stylez - Me and you (Special Delivery)
Demarco - It's ok (Special Delivery)
Lutan Fyah - Oil in my lamp (Sing Ray)
Ras Peetah - Rasta man thing (Sing Ray)
LUST - Real Friends (Sing Ray)
Gyptian - True confessions (Flava Squad)
Khago - Not a man of many words (Flava Squad)
Lutan Fyah - African queen (Wheela Music)
Konshens - Medi (Wheela Music)
Ras Mc Bean - Edens rage (Irie Ites)
Luciano & Spectacular - What gwan bad (Irie Ites)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Struggle (Raw Moon)
Lutan Fyah - Buggu yaga (Raw Moon)

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