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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist - 11/14/09

I Marley - Cry for the poor  (Kick Off)
Jodian Pantry - Pray to the Father  (Kick Off)
John Blaze - Mi want fi know  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Family effort   (Kick Off)
Empress Robertha - Hail the I  (Kick Off)
Emmanuel Stain - Mama land  (Kick Off)
Straight Up version  (MK2)
Dahweh Congo - Straight up conscious  (MK2)
Desmond Foster - Allmighty time  (MK2)
Leafnuts - Make a difference  (MK2)
Zoro - Signs  (Burton)
Mystic MC - Going home  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Forgiveness  (Burton)
File version - (Studio 53)
Million Voice - One life  (Studio 53)
Jah Defender - Perfect love  (Studio 53)
Shaka Dee - Rumba/french girl  (Studio 53)
Skripturez - Good lovin  (Studio 53)
King David - Rumours  (Studio 53)
Khari Kill - Road to success  (Studio 53)
Ray Darwin - That is life  (Souljah)
Rebellion the Recaller - So cold  (Souljah)
Recharge version  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Jah love  (Kick Off)
Teflon - Stand firm  (Kick Off)
Jah Selah - Thanks & praise  (Kick Off)
Mikey General - Come away  (Kick Off)
Luciano - Old rugged cross  (Kick Off)
Gyptian - Eyes on the prize  (Sankofa)
Richie Spice - Don't call me no dog  (Sankofa)
Jah Cure - You deserve the best  (Sankofa)
Sweet Sensation version  (Media House)
Perfect - Hustling  (Media House)
Lutan Fyah - Remove my burden  (Pikkihead)
Capleton - A long way  (Pikkihead)
Lutan Fyah - Thanks & praise  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - You got me  (Jukeboxx)
Raw Deal - Wasting no time  (Jukeboxx)
Peetah Morgan - Saying goodbye  (Jukeboxx)
Karl Morrison & Timeka Marshall - Choice by choice  (Jukeboxx)
Busy Signal - You never knew  (Jukeboxx)
Chrisinti - Forgive me  (Singray)
Christopher - Good to me  (Singray)
LUST - Real friends  (Singray)
Chant Down Babylon version  (Penthouse)
Fyahkin - Poverty at hand  (Penthouse)
Assassin - Have some mercy  (Penthouse)
Chuck Fender - Hold on tight  (Penthouse)
Tony Rebel - Chant down Babylon kingdom  (Penthouse)
Queen Ifrica - Dem never see the signs  (Penthouse)
Sizzla - Treat you like a man should  (Penthouse)
Hot Selection version  (House of Riddim)
Lt Stitchie - Hot  (House of Riddim)
Kirk Davis - Trumpet sound  (House of Riddim)
Perfect - Hole in your pumkin  (House of Riddim)
Anthony John - Jah bless his people  (Metastone)
Soula - Lets get living  (Metastone)
Prince Malachi - Set my people  (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah  (Metastone)
Duane Stephenson - Hard times  (I Grade)
Messenjah Selah - Your own world  (I Grade)
Danny I - Hold on  (I Grade)
Jah Dan Blakkamore - Flying high  (I Grade)
Nazarenes - Everlasting  (I Grade)
Ghetto version - Flava Mc Gregor  (No Doubt)
Ziggi - Backbiters  (No Doubt)
Lutan Fyah - Gangsta living  (No Doubt)
Khago - Friendenemy  (No Doubt)
Konshens - Insanity  (No Doubt)
Peetah Morgan & Busy Signal - Un fair  (No Doubt)
Lloyd Brown - Know yourself  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Blue version  (Greatest Friends)
Chezidek - Judgement throne  (Greatest Friends)
Zareb - Bless  (Greatest Friends)
Mark Wonder - Breathe of life  (Greatest Friends)
Capleton - Know them  (Live Up)
Vegas & Daville - Enemies  (Live Up)
Sizzla - Stronger than before  (Live Up)
Everton Blender - Good morning Jah  (Live Up)
Jalanzo - Faya affi burn  (Kingston 11)
Konshens - One foot  (Kingston 11)
Turbulence - Mama  (Kingston 11)
Mr Easy - Fall on my knees  (Lifetime)
Natural Black - Freedom at last  (Lifetime)
Gentleman - Lift we up deh  (Silly Walks)
Luciano - Protect me Jah  (Silly Walks)

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