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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 11/21/09 3am-8am

Don Carlos & Million Stylez - World crisis  (Ink a Link)
King Kong & Digital Dubs - Jah is the ruler  (Koogah)
Dada Yute & Digital Dubs - War & crime  (Koogah)
Earl 16 - International roots  (Mungos Hi Fi)
Beniton the Menace - Run this town  (Riddim Stream)
Lij Amlak - Education  (Rebel Music)
Gussie P - Laminations dub  (Sip a Cup)
Jah Mason - Continental universal  (Sip a Cup)
Richie Stephens - Salt of the earth  (Boot Camp)
Etana - August town  (Freedom Music)
Jodian Pantry - Struggling 
Million Voice - Humble  (Savannah riddim)
Pressure As a treasure  (I Grade)
Pen Pal version - Mad Professor  (Music Factory)
Slu - Good grades  (Music Factory)
Torch - Love zone  (Music Factory)
Orlando Octave - Make love  (Holy House)
Multi Sympton - Little bit  (Holy House)
Feminine version - Donavan Bennett  (Don Corleon)
Cecille - Cook for you  (Don Corleon)
Cherine Anderson - Real love  (Don Corleon)
Tifa - Why you do me that  (Don Corleon)
Deneque - Pieces  (Don Corleon)
I Shawna - Good love  (Don Corleon)
Stacious - Fight back  (Don Corleon)
Duane Stephenson - Nature boy  (No Doubt)
Teflon - Gansta  (No Doubt)
Chuck Fender - Our Father  (No Doubt)
Ginjah - Jah Jah watch over we  (No Doubt)
Glen Washington - In the beginning  (No Doubt)
Gyptian - Say a prayer  (Flava Squad)
Lutan Fyah - Childrens love  (Kick Off)
Fyah Flames - Everyday cry  (Kick Off)
Michael Stone - Dem wrong  (Kick Off)
Hitlist - Bad luck  (Kick Off)
Emmanuel Stain - Music  (Kick Off)
Fyahkin & Konshens - Wolf inna sheeps clothes  (Young Veterans)
G Whizz - Jah put a shield over me  (Stone Age)
Mighty Right version - Philadub Crew  (Philadub)
Capleton - Higher than the sky  (Philadub)
Luciano - Setting straight  (Philadub)
Tony Rebel - Never get weary yet  (Philadub)
Ras Shiloh - Live upright  (Philadub)
Lutan Fyah - Selassie within  (Philadub)
Lutan Fyah - Nah mix  (3 D 1)
Ras Shiloh - Who goes there  (3 D 1)
Queen Ifrica - In my dreams  (3 D 1)
Cherise King - Bring back those days  (Studio 340)
Jah Dan - Songs of life  (Studio 340)
Pressure - Pure life  (Studio 340)
Zoro - Signs  (Burton)
Mystic M C - Going home  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Forgiveness  (Burton)
Strike Back version - Alec Burton & Shelter  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Thanks & praise  (Burton)
Jah Turban - Perseverance  (Burton)
Wendy Wonder - Stronger  (Burton)
Alpheus - Ultimate  (A Lone Prod)
Glen Washington - In the distance  (A Lone Prod)
Glen Washington - Jah Jah deliver me  (A Lone Prod)
Peetah Morgan & Busy Signal - Unfair  (No Doubt)
Konshens - Insanity  (No Doubt)
Lutan Fyah - Gansta living  (No Doubt)
Khago - Friend enemy  (No Doubt)
Ziggi - Backbiters  (No Doubt)
Gyptian - Revelations  (No Doubt)
Ghetto version - Flava Mc Gregor  (No Doubt)
Jodian Pantry - Pray to the Father  (Kick Off)
Empress Robertha - Hail the I  (Kick Off)
John Blaze - Mi want fi know  (Kick Off)
Lutan Fyah - Family effort  (Kick Off)
I Marley - Cry for the poor  (Kick Off)
Desmond Foster - Allmighty time  (M K 2)
Dahweh Congo - Straight up conscious  (M K 2)
Straight Up Conscious version  (M K 2)
Lutan Fyah - You got me  (Jukeboxx)
Busy Signal - You never knew  (Jukeboxx)
Peetah Morgan - Saying goodbye  (Jukeboxx)
Raw Deal - Wasting no time  (Jukeboxx)
Karl Morrison & Timeka Marshall - Choice by choice  (Jukeboxx)
I Marley - Giving you my love  (House of Hits)
Tony Curtis - I try  (House of Hits)
Lutan Fyah - This little voice  (House of Hits)
Duane Stephenson - Hard times  (I Grade)
Arkangel - Song of praise  (I Grade)
Danny I - Hold on  (I Grade)
Jah Dan Blakkmore - Flying high  (I Grade)
Nazarenes - Everlasting  (I Grade)
Norrisman - Power of love  (I Grade)
Pressure - Modern pharoah  (I Grade)
Konshens - Medi  (Wheela Music)
Ginjah - Nah give up  (Wheela Music)
Busy Signal - Dem mad  (Lifetime)
Duane Stephenson - Backyard  (Lifetime)
Mr Easy - Fall on my knees  (Lifetime)
Jalanzo - Fire haffi burn  (Kingston 11)
Konshens - One foot  (Kingston 11)
Million Voice - One life  (Studio 53)
Lyrikal - Can't stop we  (Studio 53)
Sizzla - East side west side  (Big Things)
Warrior King - Better tomorrow  (Big Things)
Everton Blender - Good morning Jah  (Live Up)
Capleton - Know them  (Live Up)
Vegas & Daville - Enemies  (Live Up)

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