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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 2am - 6am 11/28/09

Dennis Brown & Alborosie - I can't stand it
Gyptian - Mama bawl  (Donesome)
Cali P - Take care of my family {Accoustic}  (Rootdown)
Eljai - I know  (Jahmix Ent)
Bootcamp,Zareb,& Chanter - Dem get caught 
Tek a Train version - Teka  (Rootdown)
Ziggy - Love crazy  (Rootdown)
Jaqee - Take a train  (Rootdown)
Anthony B - Love don't get any better  (Rootdown)
Tarrus Riley - Young hearts  (Peckings)
Sadiki - Lovers flight  (Peckings)
New Kingston - Get to you  (Bassrunner)
Million Stylez - Born in the system  (Bassrunner)
3Gga & Emiliano - gone too far  (Bassrunner)
Cornador - We ain't leaving  (Bassrunner)
Michael Rose - Fight I down  (Bassrunner)
Cobra - Can you feel my pain  (Flava Squad)
Nitty Kutchie - I can feel your pain  (Flava Squad)
Tony Curtis - Love the weed  (Flava Squad)
Singing Cologne - Never let the devil  (Charmax)
Sophia Squire - Stand up  (Charmax)
Devon Black - Jah will work it out  (Charmax)
Viceroys - Wisdom free  (Charmax)
Jallanzo - Don't burn your bridges  (Charmax)
Jallanzo - Fyah hafi burn  (Kingston 11)
Konshens - One foot  (Kingston 11)
Yeahmanc - Follow the King  (Kingston 11)
Lutan Fyah - Our world  (Kingston 11)
Lutan Fyah - Wreckage  (Silly Walks)
Gentleman - Lift we up there  (Silly Walks)
Luciano - Protect I Jah  (Silly Walks)
Maestro version - Pascal Barro & Bost  (Weedy G)
Blakkice & Fyah Saga - Strictly sensimlla  (Weedy G)
Bascome X - Crime rate  (Weedy G)
Donavan Levy - Ghetto youth  (Weedy G)
Anthony B - Pressure  (Weedy G)
Slu - Good grades  (Music Factory)
Torch - Love zone  (Music Factory)
Pressure - As a treasure
Pressure - Perfect lover  (Sankofa)
Lutan Fyah - You got me  (Jukeboxx)
Peetah Morgan - Saying goodbye  (Jukeboxx)
Busy Signal - You never knew  (Jukeboxx)
Turbulence - Forever my girl
Gyptian - In my life
Emrand - Good morning
Blue version - Romaine Andrieu & Rudy N'Guyen  (Greatest Friends)
Mark Wonder - Breathe of life  (Greatest Friends)
Natty King - Dancehall nice  (Greatest Friends)
Chezidek - Judgement throne  (Greatest Friends)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy  (Tads)
Courtney John - What its like  (Tads)
Lust - Stronger  (Tads)
Sizzla - You better know this  (Tads)
Lloyd Brown - Know yourself  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Mikey Spice - I cry, you cry  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Don Carlos & Million Stylez - World crisis  (Ink A Link)
Pressure - Heads of government  (Flava Squad)
Mojo Morgan - Don't worry  (Flava Squad)
Cobra - Warriors  (Flava Squad)
Gyptian - Say a prayer  (Flava Squad)
Duane Stephenson - Hard times  (I Grade)
Arkangelle - Song of praise  (I Grade)
Lutan Fyah - Discipline  (I Grade)
Nazarenes - Everlasting  (I Grade)
Strikeback version - Alec Burton & Shelter  (Burton)
Lutan Fyah - Thanks & praise  (Burton)
Wendy Wonder - Stronger  (Burton)
Mikey General - Anybody know  (House of Hits)
Luciano - For you  (House of Hits)
Columbian Beat version  (Lifetime)
Mr Easy - Fall on my knees  (Lifetime)
Busy Signal - Dem mad  (Lifetime)
Duane Stephenson - Backyard  (Lifetime)
Assassin - Have some mercy  (Penthouse)
Fyahkin - Poverty at hand  (Penthouse)
Lyrikal - Can't stop we  (Studio 53)
Million Voice - One life  (Studio 53)

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