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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don Dread's Playlist 11/7/09

Vybz Kartel - Yeah though I walk  (Adidjaheim)
Lyricson - Glad yoube mine  (Special Delivery)
Torch - Good love  (Special Delivery)
Gappy Ranks - The rain  (Special Delivery)
Lutan Fyah - Give thanks & praise  (Burton)
Wendy Wonder - Stronger  (Burton)
Jah Turban - Perseverance  (Burton)
Columbian Drop version  (Lifetime)
Busy Signal - Dem mad  (Lifetime)
Natural Black - Freedom at last  (Lifetime)
Duane Stephenson - Backyard  (Lifetime)
Fantan Mojah & Zareb - Good meditation  (Maximum Sound)
Vegas & Konshens - Help me praise Jahoviah  (Maximum Sound)
Lukie D - Send dem come  (Maximum Sound)
Culture Weed Him version  (Metastone)
Lukie D - Presence of Jah  (Metastone)
Lutan Fyah - Energize me  (Metastone)
Lloyd Brown - Know yourself  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Mikey Spice - I cry, you cry  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Duane Stephenson - August Town  (Cannon/Joe Frasier)
Duane Stephenson - Hard time  (I Grade)
Arkangelle - Song of praise  (I Grade)
Danny I - Hold on  (I Grade)
Messenjah Selah - Your own world  (I Grade)
Midnite - Judgement in measurement   (I Grade)
Nyorah - Gone crazy  (I Grade)
Sabattical Abdah - Love & Iverstanding  (I Grade)
Lutan Fyah - Discipline  (I Grade)
Lutan Fyah - Slow to anger  (Lustre King)
Chrisinti - Same hands  (Lustre King)
Marlon Asher - Jah forgive me  (Lustre King)
Tarrus Riley - King Selassie H I M  (VP)
Ghetto version - Flava Mcgregor  (No Doubt)
Richie Spice - A who dat  (No Doubt)
Peetah Morgan & Busy Signal - Unfair  (No Doubt)
Konshens - Insanity  (No Doubt)
Gyptian - Revelation  (No Doubt)
Lutan Fyah - Gansta living  (No Doubt)
Blue version  (Greatest Friends)
Chezidek - Judgement throne  (Greatest Friends)
Zareb - Bless  (Greatest Friends)
Queen Omega - Media corruption  (Greatest Friends)
Prince Theo - Only love  (Greatest Friends)
Mark Wonder - Breathe of life  (Greatest Friends)
Ras Mc Bean - A man full of love  (Greatest Friends)
Ras Mc Bean - Empress divine  (Mael Studios)
Lyricson - Need not to worry  (Mael Studios)
Lutan Fyah - Lutan Fyah - Remove my burden  (Pikkihead)
Capleton - A long way  (Pikkihead)
Capleton - Rise  (Soul Vybz)
Fantan Mojah & Zareb - Smuggler  (Soul Vybz)
Pressure - Never will I  (Soul Vybz)
Pressure - Modern Pharoah  (I Grade)
Batch - The youths  (I Grade)
Jah Dan Blakkamore - Red hot  (I Grade)
Norrisman - Power of love  (I Grade)
Duane Stephenson - I'm fine  (I Grade)
I Sasha - Haile I  (I Grade)
Nazarenes - Everlasting  (I Grade)
Midnite - Deep jungle roots  (I Grade)
Batch, Nyorah, Danny I - Repatriation  (I Grade)
Jah Dan Blakkamore - Flying high  (I Grade)
Cobra - Warrior  (Flava Squad)
Pressure - Heads of government  (Flava Squad)
Mojo Morgan - Don't worry  (Flava Squad)
Gyptian - Say a prayer  (Flava Squad)
Digital Dubs & Dubiterian - 30 Head dub  (Mazamba)
Ranking Joe - Fyah bun dem  (Mazamba)
Ras Mc Bean - Travelling man  (Mazamba)
Natural Black, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence - Move out  (Lustre King)
Noble Society - Mama so divine  (Lustre King)
Jalanzo - Fyah haffi burn  (Kingston 11)
Lutan Fyah - Our world  (Kingston 11)
Turbulence - Mama  (Kingston 11)
Yeahman C - Follow the King  (Kingston 11)
Konshens - One foot  (Kingston 11)
Blakk Ice & Fyah Saga - Strictly sensimilla  (Weedy G)
Maestro  version - Pascal Barro  (Weedy G)
Bascome X - Crime rate  (Weedy G)
Junior X - Don't let it end this way  (Weedy G)
Little Hero - Want you  (Weedy G)
Singer Jah - Love nurse  (Pology)
Gyptian - Call me  (Pology)
Anthony Q - Your love is amazing  (Pology)
Queen Ifrica - 9 outta 10  (Tads)
Sizzla - Better know this  (Tads)
Bobby Tenna - Nothing comes easy  (Tads)
Queen Ifrica - In my dreams  (3 D 1)
Jah Mali - Who goes there  (3 D 1)
Lutan Fyah - Nah mix  (3 D 1)
Soul Medic - Find Jah  (Itation)
Freddie Mc Gregor - We don't need to fuss  (Itation)
Sizzla - Buss out the youths  (Itation)
Lutan Fyah - This little voice  (House of Hits)
I Marley - Giving you my love  (House of Hits)
Jah Nyne & Jah Hem - the Most High

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